Toshiba launches SmartMCD series gate driver IC with embedded microcontroller

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  • Release on:2024-03-29

Toshiba Electronic Component and Storage Device Co., Ltd. ("Toshiba") announced today that it has begun to ship in batches SmartMCD series gate driver IC with embedded micro -controllers (MCU).The first product "TB9M003FG" is suitable for water pumps and oil pumps, fans and wind turbines that are not sensing 3 -phase -phase -flow -free motor used in automotive applications.


The TB9M003FG integrates the microcontroller (ARM Cortex-M0), flash memory, power control functions and communication interface functions to the grid drive IC, and control and drive the N-channel power MOSFET in the 3-phase DC brushless motor.This integration will reduce the number of system size and components, while achieving advanced and complex motor control in various automotive motor applications.In addition, the new product is also equipped with a Toshiba's self -developed vector engine, and hardware for the control of sine wave control, which not only reduces the load of the microcontroller, but also reduces the size of the software code.

The reference design of the TB9M003FG reference design "The car body electronic motor drive circuit using SmartMCD?" It has been launched on Toshiba's official website.

The expansion of the electric vehicle (XEV) market brings market demand for electrification, component integration, electronic control unit (ECU) miniaturization, and low -noise motor.In order to meet this demand, the new products are integrated into the grid drive IC to help reduce the size of the ECU device and use vector control to make the motor quieter by using vector control.

The reference design based on the TB9M003FG reference design "The car body electronic motor drive circuit using SmartMCD?"


Circuit appearance


Simple Fragrance




-Oil pump


-Hirgers, etc.


-The sensory control grid driver IC for 3 phase -phase -flowing brushless motors (built -in charge pump circuit)

-32-bit MCU (ARM Cortex-M0), operating frequency: 40 MHz (built-in low-speed / high-speed oscillator)

-Built -in memory

Flash memory: 64 k byte; ROM: 12 k byte; RAM: 4 k byte

-The built -in vector engine and programmable motor drive circuit

-We built -in single -resistance current detection amplifier, 12 -bit A/D converter and 10 -bit A/D converter

-We various detection circuits

Current limiter, over current, VBAT overvoltage, over -temperature, etc.

-A communication method: lin and PWM communication available, UART

-AEC-Q100 (level 0), vehicle electronic component qualified certification

Main specifications:

(Unless otherwise explained, TA = 25 ° C)

Device model


Support motor

3 Phase DC brushless motor

The main function

Single -resistant current detection amplifier, no sensor method, vector control, square wave control

Main error detection

Impurd pressure, overvoltage, external power MOSFET opening / short -circuit failure, over -temperature

Absolute maximum rated value

Power supply voltage VBAT (V)

- 0.3 to +40



Power supply voltage VBAT (V)

6 to 18

Operating temperature

TOPR (° C)

TA = - 40 to 150

TJ = – 40 to 175




Size (MM)




AEC-Q100 (level 0) certification


[1] Gallery driver IC: used to drive MOSFET

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