About Us

Lynteam Technology is an obsolete, hard-to-find and long lead time electronic components distributor with the sole purpose of providing the highest quality electronic components at the most affordable prices.

Our philosophy is simple; make it easy on the customer to search and request quotes, while providing a smooth and stress free purchasing experience.

Our staff has the experience to provide the fastest response times, and the best prices. With over 15 years of experience in the electronic parts procurement industry, we know that receiving the highest quality parts, at great prices, with excellent customer service is what matters most. Our team are fanatical about quality assurance. We know it is the most important factor in whom you choose to do business with.

Free expert component sourcing service - we provide a one stop solution personalised to your unique requirements.
Flexibility – As an Independent Distributor we are not limited to specific manufacturers or to certain regions. This flexibility benefits you through fast delivery, lower pricing, ability to supply any component from any manufacturer, and bypassing factory MOQs (minimum order quantities).
Reliability – On Time, Every Time provision of Quality Components - at dependable low prices.
Start your electronic components sourcing with us right now:
Email: [email protected]