No fear of semiconductor demand is sluggish, MLCC expand production at the time

Recently, Korean media reported that Korean electronic component manufacturers AMOTECH is discussing with North American electric vehicle customers to discuss expansion of MLCC products.

The company began to supply some of the electrical MLCCs to North American customers last year, but the supply chain was not large. The supply is expected to achieve a large amount of MLCC supply.

In order to meet the mass supply demand of MLCC, AMOTECH is actively expanding the production of MLCC. Last year, the company began to promote the Vietnamese MLCC production line addition plan.

The consumer MLCC is weak, and the MLCC is used at the time

MLCC (chip multi -layer ceramic capacitor) is mainly used in consumer electronics, communications, industry, automobiles and other fields. Due to the global economy encountered anti -winds and high inflation, consumer electronics have been weak in consecutive quarters.Consumer MLCC is too required to restrict manufacturers' development.

In February of this year, MLCC Factory Murata announced that due to the downturn of smartphones, two subsidiaries will be closed.Murata has closed its overseas subsidiary Huacheng Electronics Co., Ltd. in Taiwan, China, and will close the subsidiary Coiltec, a subsidiary of Japan on April 30.

At the same time, with the development of automotive electricization and intelligence, the demand for MLCC for vehicles has continued to rise.It is reported that electric vehicles can be equipped with an average of more than 10,000 MLCCs, and the MLCC capacity of high -end models can reach 30,000. The volume is larger than consumer electronics.It is 2 to 3 times higher, which is a high value -added product.

Murata believes that with the decline in the demand for MLCC in smartphones, the company expects that electric vehicles and 5G smartphones will become the next growth momentum in the middle and long term.The sun seduce is expected that the global automotive MLCC demand in 2023 will be 1.9 times that of 2019.Samsung Electric is expected to continue to operate in 2023. It will be centered on high -value -added products such as vehicles and servers to expand the vehicle's high -end product lineup and continue to improve performance.

The large factory actively expand its production to meet the demand for MLCC for vehicles

Driven by market demand, the field of MLCC manufacturers is imperative.At present, many large manufacturers have increased the investment and development and expansion of automobile regulations MLCC to meet the needs of vehicle MLCC.

  • Murata plans to increase production at about 10%per year.Murata Vietnamese subsidiaries have begun to build a new production building in June last year and are expected to be completed in August this year.It is reported that the new production building will meet the needs of automobiles and electronic equipment in the long run.
  • TDK announced in May last year that it will expand the vehicle production capacity in the Beijing -Shanghai -Shanghai -Shanghai factory in Japan, focusing on the application of high -reliability MLCC products for electric vehicles (EV), autonomous driving and ADAS. It is expected to officially mass production in September 2024.
  • Samsung Electric has invested in the construction of a vehicle MLCC plant in Tianjin Development Zone, which was fully put into operation in July 2021.
  • In November 2021, the Sun Lao Power announced that it would build a new MLCC factory in the subsidiary Sun Lao Power (Changzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd., increasing the MLCC, and the MLCC for the vehicle will be put first. The new plant is expected to be put into production this year.

The global market research institution TrendForce Ji State Consultation survey shows that the amount of MLCC orders in the first quarter of 2023 is relatively stable. It is expected that MLCC suppliers will actively invest in research and development and expand automobile product production capacity throughout the year.From the second quarter of 2023, the monthly production capacity of McDa Vehicle MLCC is expected to reach 25 billion yuan, setting up the market leader.After the expansion of TDK's north to the North Shanghai Factory in Japan, the monthly production capacity will increase by 50 to 8 billion.Samsung and the sun induced and the country giant have increased significantly in 2023, and the average monthly production capacity has increased by 200 to 3 billion levels.