Significant Semiconductor: Create a flexible and tough STM32 manufacturing network and is not dominated or controlled by individual regulations

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  • Release on:2023-08-23

From now to 2025, the wafer capacity of the semiconductor of Italian -Fa -Fa will increase significantly, and the company will expand the global wafers test and post -procedure to test the production capacity according to the plan.

Data show that in the potential market represented by production automation (predictive maintenance, etc. based on AI), construction and home control, home appliances (energy efficiency and cloudization, etc.), medical, security monitoring, and other industrial products, the MCU market share will be From 52%in 2021 to 65%in 2026.Among them, between 2021 and 2026, the average annual growth rate of MCU's applications in markets such as home appliances, production automation, construction and home control was 26%, 9%, and 9%, respectively.

Therefore, in order to continue to support the expansion of production capacity, the Semiconductor Semiconductor (ST) is expected to increase capital expenditure from US $ 3.5 billion in 2022 to $ 4 billion.On the other hand, the company will also increase the supply of 90 nanometer and 40 nanometer nodes through external foundry protection, and use process technology to most of the products in the STM32 series.

Ricardo De-SA-EAR

In addition, according to the statistics of OMDIA/WSTS, in the general micro-controller MCU (excluding car regulations and smart card security applications) market, ST products have been shipped from 3rd in 2018 to 2019-2020 Two places became the first place in the market by 2021.The STM32 universal micro -controller product of ST has more than 11 billion pieces since its release.

STM32 innovative products and technology empower various applications

At the STM32 China Summit, Italian Semiconductor Micro Controller and DigitalIC"We believe that the embedded AI, interconnection and information security of embedded AI, interconnection and information security said" in this summit It shows the various applications of STM32 innovative products.

Remi El-Ouazzane, president of Italian Semiconductor MDG

  Edge artificial intelligence exhibition areaFocus on the edge AI solution based on ST products, covering edge artificial intelligence washing machines, intelligent screening robots, abnormal detection of pump pumps, AFCI (arc detection), and equipment predictive maintenance.

For example, during the STM32 China Summit, ST exhibited the prototype of washing machine running machine learning algorithms, which is also the first show in Asia.It is reported that the washing machine uses a current test technology and a model library generated by the NANOEDGE AI to accurately determine the weight of the clothing, and the accuracy error is between ± 100 grams (the error of similar systems is about ± 500 grams).In this way, the washing machine can not only adjust the motor washing cycle according to the actual clothing weight, and optimize energy efficiency. At the same time, the washing machine adjusts the amount of water in the water according to the weight of the clothing to achieve the goal of saving water.