Under the AI ​​air outlet, the two major chip giants are "not strong": smashing the money to break the game, bet on 2025 team battles

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  • Release on:2024-04-01

Since last year, we have witnessed strong generation AI applications such as Chat GPT, Sora, Kimi, etc.rightchipIn terms of industry, in consumer electronics downturn,carIn the moment when electronics weakens, AI has become the only and most important "life -saving straw" at the moment.

chipThe next performance of the company is to see if it can be shared with more opportunities under the AI ​​wave.Watch the entire industry,SK HylosHBM memory,,BroadcomThe switch,NvidiaGPUchipIt is a powerful stepping stalls in the AI ​​era.ForSamsungandIntelFor the two giants, although the fields are widely involved, they have not formed a direct competitive advantage.In order to chase the advantage of AI air outlet, deeper transformation is needed.

Samsung: Face the challenges of the two major areas and raise funds to break the situation

SamsungIt is also a global electronics giant in South Korea.semiconductorBusinessstorageBoth instruments and wafer foundry have a pivotal position, but in the AI ​​era, they also faced the most intensive competition. They did not even avoid the opponent's chanting room. They must be held positively.

The product form of HBM memory is the first timeSK HylosandAMDDefinition,SamsungThere is no first advantage in this field.HBM did not have a suitable application area at the beginning of development, but the rise of AI changed all of this.SK HylosAs a result, it has an advantageous position.As the world's largeststorageVendorSamsungThe comprehensive product lineup has limited its performance in the AI ​​single field.

Just nowNvidiaAt the GTC Annual Conference, Huang Renxun announced that he would follow aloneSamsungPurchase 12 -layer HBM3 memory.The market is surprising to this, because reports some time ago still reported that Samsung’s HBM3 production yield is only 10%-20%, which is compared withSK HylosIt reaches 60%-70%.NvidiaCertification and procurement may have the consideration of introducing second suppliers and maintaining the right to supply chain. This will give Samsung a certain chance, but Samsung must still increase the yield significantly.

existchipIn the industry, every progress must be exchanged at a high cost of funds.SamsungFrom the Samsung of the shares, it showed huge dividends, and sold all the ASML equity of all the large optical carved factory ASML for $ 6.5 billion to obtain more sufficient funds.The AI ​​air outlet is not so good. In the past, Samsung used to invest in counter -cyclical investment. These investment often recovered after the cyclical turning, but in the HBM field, Samsung's investment was carried out in the attitude of the chaser. The scale of investment cannot be measured.Similar to it, in the field of wafer foundry, Samsung must followTSMCIf you get more shares in your hand, you may have more investment.

existTSMCWhen 3nm began to contribute to revenue,SamsungWith the target 3nm GAA, it is still tortured by the yield. Although it has recently increased from 10%-20%to 30%-60%, it still lags behind TSMC.The key to the competition of wafers is the yield. If the yield cannot reach a certain level, there is no room for price competition.In February of this year, it was reported that the true yield of Samsung's 4nm craftsmanship was only 35%, resulting inQualcommWill be in the next generation of 3nmchipCompletely transfer to TSMC.

For a long time,SamsungBenchmarkingTSMCAll can only play differentiated competition and win through "cost -effective".However, in the AI ​​era, TSMC continued to accumulate advantages within 5nm, and firmly controlled major customers.SamsungIt is difficult to have a chance, I am afraid that some orders can only be obtained when the head customers decentralize the supply chain.The competition of the next big node of the wafer foundry will begin next year, and TSMC will also enter the GAA process. At that time, Samsung's pressure will only be greater.Last year, Samsung's R & D expenditure reached 28 trillion won, accounting for 13%of sales, while the proportion of 2022 was 8%.This year, we will prepare for the decisive battle of the crafts in 2025. R & D investment will only be larger. If the new round of upward cycle led by AI is starting, these investment can create greater value.

Intel: Adverse winds enter the game, change the time with a large amount of investment

recent,IntelThe most noticeable news is its subsidiaryFPGAThe company officially operates independently and restores the name of Altera.The FPGA manufacturer acquired by the major manufacturer of the processor, Sai Lingsi lives inAMDIts development is better than altera, which also shows thatIntel The original acquisition did not achieve organic integration.And this is just a microcosm of Intel's performance in recent years. In the early years, this giant missed the good opportunity in the mobile field. Today, when it comes to the AI ​​era, whether Intel can "turn over" is another suspense.

The processor is the existing genes of the IDM factory, and the long -term pause of 14nm in the early years, causingIntelIt is difficult to respond quickly in the face of AI opportunities.In the field of computing power, the CPU is not as good as the GPU,NvidiaThe advantages of establishing cannot be shaken.In the field of wafers, the most important thing is to use AI opportunities, fromTSMCGet the leaders in the field of advanced process.In addition, the dilemma of double -digit declines for two consecutive years has madeIntelEager to break the game.

In summary of various factors, CEO Pat Gelsinge pointed out that the planned "5N4Y" craft roadmap (that is, launching 5 craft nodes in 4 years) will only be executed more firmly.The key battle of the wafer process will erupt in 2025.At that time, the collision of the 3/2m level process,IntelThe 18A process that introduces the 2nm level and introduces the GAA transistor into the battle group.Pat Gelsinge said in an interview that "the entire company has been on the 18A node."However, in the face of pure wafer foundation genes and already retain key customers in the industry at multiple nodesTSMC,,IntelThoughchipThe giants can only enter the game as a challenger.

Workers are essentially high -end manufacturing service industries. Technology is the core competitiveness. To fight for customers and maintain it, we must also pay additional efforts.TSMCSuccess has confirmed this.As an American company, there ischipThe "name division" of the manufacturing backflow,IntelIt is natural to draw local customers in the United States.RecentcarTesla's heart and intelligent Tesla moved.Even for Sam Ultraman, who wants to build a chip to build a wafer factory, Pat Gelsinge also tried to contact.If you can get an OPENAI order at the 18A and subsequent nodes, it is self -evident to Intel's meaning of building the wafer ecology.

havechipThe "righteousness" of the return of the return,IntelIt has also received huge subsidies from the US government. Recently, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced that it will provide Intel with huge subsidies up to $ 8.5 billion and $ 11 billion in loans. This is the largest amount since the establishment of chip subsidies.TSMCSuch foreign companies must have no treatment.This about $ 20 billion in funding support will leverageIntel$ 100 billion investment.Intel plans to build the world's largest in the world in Columbus, Ohio as soon as 2027AIchipThe manufacturing base is expected to invest 28 billion US dollars, and the remaining funds will also be used for the construction of multiple projects, as well as purchasing equipment.

With the changes in the situation in recent years,chipThe industry, especially the advanced process field, is no longer simply commercial competition, and there are too many factors other than business.Based on this, more and more American customers are intending to create a complete "production chain in the United States". This pairIntelIt is a favorable factor.The keen insight into this opportunity and quickly put into action. The time that money was missed by money was Intel's overall strategy.

The giant finding the direction will be able to play an advantage

Before consumer electronics recovery, the recovery of the entire industry depends on AI, which will inevitably cause a round of industrial shuffling and one after another.Giant companies have the advantages of huge volume and broad layout, but this also means that it is necessary to welcome high -intensity competition in all aspects.SamsungandIntelFacing such a situation.

The rise of AI opportunities is too fast, and it is suddenly unfolding when the total demand is sluggish. Specialized enterprises are prone to competitive advantages. Comprehensive giants face multi -line competition, and it is a way to play the advantage.After looking for a direction and adjusting the pace,SamsungandIntelIt will also achieve new development under the irrigation of AI opportunities.