The mature margin foundry reduces the price again, Samsung is independent of Nvidia HBM3E memory

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  • Release on:2024-03-27

1. Some foundries mature programs have continued to fall

According to the Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily quoted the Taiwan Economic Daily, IC design vendors revealed that the maturity process of some wafer agent factories this season has continued to decrease, with a range of about 4%to 6%. Raiders about 10 %.

2. PassSamsungExclusive supplyNvidia12 -layer HBM3E memory

According to the quoted report from Fast Technology,NvidiaThe fastest purchase will start from SeptemberSamsungExclusive 12 -layer HBM3E memory, andSK HylosDue to some engineering problems, the 12 -layer HBM3E products were not launched, but it was planned to produce 8 -layer HBM3E products from the end of this month.

February 27 this year,SamsungElectronic officer Xuan successfully developedindustryThe first 36GB 12 -layer stack HBM3E DRAM memory.Compared with the 8 -layer stacked HBM3 8H, the bandwidth and capacity increased by more than 50%. The average AI training speed increased by an average of 34%, and the number of reasonable service users could increase by more than 11.5 times.

3..RisaRelease RA2A2Microcontroller, Help industrial energy management

RisaOn March 21, RA2A2, which was released on March 21stMicrocontroller(MCU) group.The new low-power device provides 24-bit Sigma-Delta modulus converter (SDADC), and the innovative dual-bank code flash memory and bank switching functions, so that it can easily achieve smart energy management, building automation, medical equipment, consumption, consumption, consumption, consumption Electronics and others can benefit from the firmware updateInternet of ThingsThe application of the application of the firmware air transmission (FOTA) is updated.

The RA2A2 series MCU is now available, while providing FSP software and RA2A2 evaluation kit.

4. 4..GloryThe quarterly performance has increased significantly, getting rid of the loss

Local time on the 20th,GloryIt announced the second quarter of fiscal year in 2024, with revenue of US $ 5.82 billion, a year -on -year increase of 58%, an increase of 23%month -on -month; net profit was US $ 793 million. Essence

GloryIt is estimated that the third fiscal quarterly revenue is 6.4-6.8 billion US dollars, a median value of 73.68%year-on-year, and an increase of 13.32%month-on-month; gross profit margin is 25%-28%, and the median value is 42.5 percentage points, an increase of 6.5 percentage points month-on-month.

5.SMICCarchipReliability Special Testing Center won CNAS certification

Local wafer factoriesSMICRecently announced that its carchipThe reliability special testing center passed the recognition assessment of the National Appraisal Committee of China (CNAS) to obtain the laboratory recognition certificate and recognition decision.The recognition certificate will provide strong support for the company's continuous and rapid launch of the car craft platform.

SMICCarchipThe service scope of the reliability special testing center covers SMIC technology and IP, third -party IP or customer product test capabilities.According to the various test capabilities related to the reliability of vehicle products based on the AEC-Q100 standard, the testing center's testing capacity involves HTOL, TC, HAST, THB, HTS, can provide comprehensive reliability testing services for vehicle chips.

6. Texas Instrument Push Super Small MSPM0 ControllerNew product

The Texas Instrument (TI) recently released the MSPM0 MCU series launched the ultra -small MSPM0C110X, which can be used for industry,carIn different applications such as electrical appliances and personal electronic products, thousands of prices are as low as 1 yuan.

According to TI, most 8 and 16 -bit MCUs are based on traditional craft nodes such as 180nm, and gradually cannot meet market demand.The MSPM0C110X series MCU not only has 32-bit ARMCORTEX-M0+core, but also greatly improves its performance, while maintaining extremely low cost.The super small design makes it unique in various space -sensitive applications.