Ruisa starts the old factory to increase the power device, the earthquake affects DRAM output mild

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  • Release on:2024-04-16

1.RisaElectronics restarts the Factory of Jiafu, expand production powersemiconductor

RisaElectronics announced in December that the Jiafu factory, which had previously stopped operating, was re -enabled.As a 300mm wafer factory, the factory will start large -scale production in 2025IGBTAnd other products, so that Ruisa's current powersemiconductorDouble production capacity.RisaThe opening ceremony was held on April 11, and local government officials and cooperative companies attended the opening ceremony.

RisaAccording to the introduction of 150 mm and 200mm wafer production lines in the Jiafu factory, it stopped operation in October 2014.Ruisa made an investment worth 90 billion yen in the factory in 2022, and has begun to operate.

2. Extension of the changing cycle,appleAs well asSamsungDownsidecell phoneShipment expectation

According to fast technology, research institutions Techinsights predict that by 2023, global intelligencecell phoneThe replacement cycle will be extended to the longest 51 months in history.In China, consumers have increased their speed slightly, but it is still more than 40 months.

The news revealed,cell phoneBrands have lowered the annual shipments expectations.Apart fromappleIt has been determined to reduce the annual delivery expectations of 2024,SamsungElectronics has also made corresponding adjustments.Experts point out that consumers' purchase expectations have shifted to a longer period of use, so they are more willing to be superior and durablecell phonePay a higher price.

3. Ji State: Earthquake impact on the output of DRAM position in the second season of the second season is less than 1%

According to the Financial Association, according to the latest survey of the DRAM industry after the TrendForce Ji State Consultation, the number of maintenance and scrap wafers required by the suppliers has different seismic effects, and the earthquake resistance capacity of the factory equipment itself can achieve a certain seismic effect. Therefore, the overall impact is small.

Glory, South Asia Science, Liji Power, Winbon Electric, etc., all of which have roughly restored 100%of the production line operation. Among them, only Micron has changed to the advanced process, mostly 1ALPHA and 1beta nano. It is estimated that it will affect the overall DRAM output position The proportion of Yuan; the remaining DRAM factories still stay in 38 nanometers and 25 nanometers, and the output proportion is relatively small.Overall, the impact of this earthquake on the DRAM output bit bit in the second quarter can still be controlled within 1%.

4.SEMI: Last yearsemiconductorThe amount of equipment shipments slightly dropped by 1.3%

InternationallysemiconductorThe Industry Association (SEMI) recently issued a report that global semiconductor manufacturing equipment sales in 2023 fell by 1.3%to US $ 106.3 billion from a historical record of US $ 107.6 billion in 2022.

last yearchipMainland China, South Korea and Taiwan, which ranks among the top three equipment expenditures, account for 72%of the global equipment market.Mainland China is still the world's largest equipment market, with investment of 29%to US $ 36.6 billion last year.Due to weak demand andstorageMarket inventory adjustment has dropped by 7%to 19.9 billion US dollars.

After four consecutive years of growth, the sales of equipment in Taiwan in China have also decreased by 27%to 19.6 billion US dollars.northbeautifulyearsemiconductorEquipment investment increased by 15%, mainly due tochipInvestment in the bill; Europe has increased by 3%; sales in Japan and other parts of the world decreased by 5%and 39%year -on -year.

5.TSMCIn the first three months of this year, revenue increased by 16.5% year -on -year

according toTSMCThe financial data released today, the company's consolidated revenue in March 2024 was NT $ 195.2 million, an increase of 7.5%over the previous month, and an increase of 34.3%over the same period last year.The cumulative revenue from January to March 2024 was NT $ 592.644 million, an increase of 16.5%over the same period last year.

6. flagshipcell phonePull the goods to continue,MediaTekIn the first quarter of revenue increase

According to the Taiwan Industrial and Commercial Times of China, benefiting the flagship levelcell phonePull the kinetic energy continuation,MediaTekThe consolidated revenue in March was NT $ 50.479 billion, a monthly increase of 31.3%, an annual increase of 17.5%; the cumulative merging revenue in the first quarter reached 133.458 billion Taiwan dollars, an annual increase of 39.5%, and a quarterly increase of 3%. Essence

Looking forward to the second season, the legal person believes that the land brandcell phoneIt is expected to prepare in advance,MediaTekContinue to launch an AI series of products, of which the Tianzhang 9400 will be based onTSMC3 Nannan construction and efficiency are even more in the past. The new AI game will bring more business presentMediaTekAnd channel business inventory has returned to normal level, but with past experience, related industry players will be more cautious in stocking and inventory strategies. The legal person analysis will not have the situation of repeating orders in the past.

7.AIPromote the demand of SSD, the price increase will continue

According to fast technology, inAI Under the trend, the demand for solid -state hard disks (SSD) is increasing, surpassing mechanical hard disks.The latest survey report shows that compared with mechanical hard disks, the access speed of solid -state hard disks is about 10 times faster, especially for artificial intelligence training tasks.

Industry insiders have revealed that because of the poor market conditions last year, hard disk manufacturers have reduced supply.WithAIIn the second half of 2023, the demand for the hard disk exceeded the supply, which promoted the rise in prices.Jibang Consulting predicts that by the second quarter of 2024, the price of NAND flash memory contracts will increase by about 13%-18%.Among all product lines, the price of enterprise-level solid-state hard disk contracts is expected to increase by 20%-25%month-on-month, the highest increase.