Microchip enables the production capacity of TSMC and increases price increases

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  • Release on:2024-04-15

1.MicrochipExpand andTSMCCooperation will establish a 40 -nanometer production line in the Kumamoto Plant

MicrochipIt was announced on April 8 that it has expanded with the world's leadingsemiconductorFoundryTSMCThe partnership, so that TSMC's main manufacturing subsidiary in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan is advanced.semiconductorManufacturing Co., Ltd. (JASM) has 40 nanometer professional manufacturing capabilities.

Jasm's wafer production capacity supply has been further strengthenedMicrochipexistcar, Industry and Internet applications such as many markets to provide services to the majority of global customers.This cooperation is conducive to the reduction of frequent changes in commercial conditions and external factors such as natural disasters to reduceMicrochipThe possibility of supply interrupt.

2.British Fei LingGlobalcarMCU market leading manufacturers

British Fei LingOn April 9th, according to the latest research of Techinsights, 2023 globalcarsemiconductorThe market increased by 16.5%to a new record of $ 69.2 billion.The overall market share of Yingfeeling increased by a percentage point, from nearly 13%in 2022 to about 14%in 2023, consolidating the companycarGlobal leaders in the semiconductor market.

British Fei LingThe main driving force of performance is strongcarMicrocontroller(MCU) Sales.Yingfeeling first appeared in the market in the world's first position.Compared with 2022, the company is incarThe sales in the field of microcontroller increased by nearly 44%, and the global market share in 2023 was about 29%.

3. NXP released the MCX W wireless MCU series, which provides samples in the second half of the year

Following the recent MCX A and MCX N series, NXP has recently released the MCX W series, which further adds rich connection functions to the MCX product portfolio, helping Mattertm, Thread, ZigBee and low power consumption consumptionBluetoothThe technology adopts a safe multi -protocol wireless MCU.

The MCX W series first launched the two families MCX W71X and W72X equipped with software upgraded independent wireless electronic systems, which can maximize the flexibility of smart interconnection devices.The MCX W series is expected to provide samples in the second half of 2024.

4. ChuanGloryPlanning to adjust the product quotation in the second quarter, exceeding 20 %

According to the newspaper of the Tencent Innovation Board Daily, China Electronic Times, according to relevant market participants,storagechipDragon headGloryMost customers have raised Q2 product offers, an increase of more than 20 %.Price negotiations are still in progress.

5.TSMCWith a subsidy of US $ 84 billion in the United States, it will invest in the third wafer factory in Phoenix

According to fast technology, the US government announced that the planTSMCProvide $ 6.6 billion in cash subsidies, $ 5 billion low -interest loans, with a total of 11.6 billion US dollars, or about RMB 84 billion. It supports it in the United Stateschipmanufacture.This is the largest investment approved by the United States based on the "Chip and Science Act".

at the same time,TSMCIt is planned to build the third wafer factories in Phoenix City, Arizona, and the total investment in the United States will exceed 65 billion U.S. dollars, or about RMB 470 billion.The factory plans to upgrade to 2nm and more advanced technology, but the commissioning time may not be determined, and it may be from 2029 to 2030.

6. Two mature process agencies in March have taken high revenue, and inventory adjustments are complete

According to the Taiwan Industry and Commerce Times of China, the Lanes' Lane Generation Factory's March and the first quarter revenue set a high record in the same period of the year, and the annual revenue of the first quarter increased by 0.8%. Effect andsemiconductorUnder the gradual recovery of the industry, the second quarter revenue is expected to continue the first quarter performance and continue to rise moderately.UMC's March revenue was NT $ 18.167 billion, a monthly increase of 4.1%, an annual increase of 2.7%, which was the same period of the same period of the year. The cumulative first quarter revenue was 54.632 billion yuan, a quarterly decrease of 0.6%, and an annual increase of 0.8%. Times high.

Another mature process founding factory's advanced March merging revenue was 3.62 billion yuan, which continued the trend of excellence in February, with a monthly increase of 17.41%, a major increase of 44.82%compared with the same period last year, a new high of 18 months.Chairman's strategy previously pointed out that global consumer electronics has been adjusted fierce inventory since the second half of 2022. It has been more than a year and a half. It is expected that consumer electronics will gradually restore the original seasonal growth pace, but industrial and vehicle electronics The inventory adjustment is still underway, and the inventory adjustment after the first to second season will be completed.