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ISL9241 Buck-Boost Battery Charger

Renesas Electronics America

ISL9241 Buck-Boost Battery Charger

Renesas' ISL9241 has multiport USB-C support, enabling the user to create a multi USB-C port system while remaining 100% compliant to USB-PD 3.0 standard

The ISL9241 from Renesas is a digitally configurable buck-boost battery charger that can support both narrow voltage direct charging (NVDC) and hybrid power buck-boost (HPBB) charging, and switch between the modes using firmware control. ISL9241 provides the charging function, system bus regulation, and protection features using only NFETs for efficiency optimization. The advanced Renesas R3™ technology is used to provide a highly efficient light-load charging mode. ISL9241 reconfigurability of the compensation allows a smaller inductor and higher efficiencies optimized for multiple power levels. An integrated 8-bit ADC provides digital telemetry to monitor key system parameters on the battery and adapter side as well as the system side - including battery voltage, charge/discharge current, adapter input voltage and current, system bus voltage, and system temperature. The ISL9241 also features two interrupt output options for fault status reporting.

The ISL9241’s configurable charging architecture allows the users to flexibly utilize the charger for multiport configurations to meet system design requirements. Its multiport USB-C support enables the user to create a multi USB-C port system and still be 100% compliant to USB-PD 3.0 standard.

Target Applications

  • Products with USB-C power delivery function such as power bank
  • Computing battery charging for notebooks, ultrabooks

ISL9241 Buck-Boost Battery Charger

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ISL9241 EVAL BOARD ISL9241EVAL1Z ISL9241 EVAL BOARD 1 - Immediate View Details