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  • SSM/TSM Series Board-Stacking Solutions

    SSM/TSM Series Board-Stacking Solutions

    | 2018-12-10
    SSM/TSM Series Board-Stacking Solutions Samtec board-stacking interconnects come in a wide variety of orientations and contact offerings Samtec's large variety of board-stacking interconnects and de...
  • 0.8 mm Free Height Connectors

    0.8 mm Free Height Connectors

    | 2018-12-10
    0.8 mm Free Height Connectors TE Connectivity AMP’s 0.8 mm connectors perform at up to triple the speed of previous generations TE Connectivity/AMP’s next-generation 0.8 mm free height connec...
  • Assembly Type Connectors

    Assembly Type Connectors

    | 2018-12-10
    Assembly Type Connectors Tensility's assembly type connectors offer faster installation and are available in two center pin sizes Tensility's assembly type connectors are designed for a production l...
  • Tiger Eye™ Interconnect Systems

    Tiger Eye™ Interconnect Systems

    | 2018-12-10
    Tiger Eye™ Interconnect Systems Samtec's TFM and SFM series are designed for micro rugged, high-reliability, high-cycle applications Samtec’s Tiger Eye interconnect systems are available in three ...
  • HSEC8 High-Speed Edge Card Connectors

    HSEC8 High-Speed Edge Card Connectors

    | 2018-12-10
    HSEC8 High-Speed Edge Card Connectors Samtec’s Edge Rate® sockets are available in vertical, pass-through, right-angle, or edge mount orientations Samtec’s full line of high-speed edge card c...
  • PSoC® 6 Wi-Fi BT Prototyping Kit

    PSoC® 6 Wi-Fi BT Prototyping Kit

    | 2018-12-07
    PSoC® 6 Wi-Fi BT Prototyping Kit Quickly and easily design IoT systems with the ultra-low-power, flexible, and secure PSoC 6 microcontroller from Cypress Semiconductor Cypress Semiconductor's P...
  • SN74AXCH8T245 Dual-Supply Bus Transceiver

    SN74AXCH8T245 Dual-Supply Bus Transceiver

    TI | 2020-04-13
    SN74AXCH8T245 Dual-Supply Bus TransceiverTexas Instruments' bus transceiver features configurable voltage translation, tri-state outputs, and bus-hold circuitry Texas Instruments' SN74AXCH8T245 is an ...
  • RP40Q-RUW/RP60Q-RUW DC/DC Converters

    RP40Q-RUW/RP60Q-RUW DC/DC Converters

    | 2018-12-07
    RP40Q-RUW/RP60Q-RUW DC/DC Converters RECOM's RP40Q-RUW and RP60Q-RUW are highly efficient DC/DC converters for railway applications RECOM's RP40Q-RUW and RP60Q-RUW series converters provide an ultra...
  • Millipacs® High-Speed Connectors

    Millipacs® High-Speed Connectors

    | 2018-12-06
    Millipacs® High-Speed Connectors Amphenol ICC's Millipacs 2 mm hard metric high-speed (HS) connectors for use in markets demanding higher speed differential signals Amphenol ICC's Millipacs HS ...
  • P-7100 Series Ultra-Miniature Pressure Sensors

    P-7100 Series Ultra-Miniature Pressure Sensors

    | 2018-12-06
    P-7100 Series Ultra-Miniature Pressure Sensors Nidec’s P-7100 sensors are ideal for manufacturing equipment or industrial automation systems when space is at a premium Nidec Copal Electronics&rsquo...
  • PGA305 Signal Conditioner

    PGA305 Signal Conditioner

    TI | 2020-04-13
    PGA305 Signal ConditionerTexas Instruments' PGA305 is for resistive sensing and analog outputs in a variety of applications to measure pressure and te...
  • SIT9386 MEMS AEC-Q100 Oscillators

    SIT9386 MEMS AEC-Q100 Oscillators

    | 2018-12-06
    SIT9386 MEMS AEC-Q100 Oscillators SiTime’s SiT9386 is available in a small 3.2 mm x 2.5 mm differential package in addition to the 7.0 mm x 5.0 mm package SiTime’s SiT9386 is an AEC-Q100, ult...
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