Zhaoyi Innovation won the 2023 "China Core" Excellent Technology Innovation Product Award

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  • Release on:2023-09-21

The industry's leading semiconductor device supplier Zhaoyi Innovation GigadeVice (stock code 603986) announced that at the 2023 Qinzu -Macao integrated circuit industry promotion summit and the 18th "China core" awards ceremony, its GD32H737/757/759 was The series Cortex-M7 kernel ultra-high performance MCU won the "Excellent Technology Innovation Product" award.


2023 Qinzhuo Integrated Circuit Industry Promotion Summit is based on the theme of "core opportunities · new future", focusing on the technological innovation and product breakthrough of China's integrated circuit industry.The "China Core" Excellent Product Collection Activities held at the same time were designed to focus on displaying outstanding products and enterprises in China's integrated circuit industry, encouraging the industry to carry out product innovation, technological innovation and application innovation, and recognize companies that can affect and drive the overall development of China's semiconductor industry. Essence

This conference received a total of 398 chip products from 285 chip companies, of which, Zhaoyi Innovation GD32H737/757/759 series Cortex? -M7 core ultra-high performance MCU Cost control won the "Excellent Technology Innovation Products" award.This award is fully recognized for the innovation and application value of the GD32H737/757/759 series.

This award-winning GD32H737/757/759 series Cortex? -M7 core ultra-high performance MCU has the innovation potential of comprehensive release of high-level applications, which can Various applications such as audio videos, graphic images.Thanks to the ultra -high main frequency, built -in hardware accelerators, and large storage capacity, this series is also applicable to many high -end innovation scenarios such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.


在性能方面,GD32H737/757/759系列MCU基于600MHz Arm Cortex-M7内核,配备4MB的片上Flash和1MB的SRAM,内置512KB的超大紧耦合内存TCM和64KB的L-Cache;集成高级DSP硬件加速器和Dual -precision floating -point unit (FPU), hardware triangle function accelerator (TMU) and filter algorithm accelerator (FAC), TFT driver and hardware graphics accelerator; up to 22 timers, 2 4M SPS high -precision 14 -bit ADC and dual -double and dual The rich peripheral interfaces such as Ethernet and Three CAN FD can provide strong computing power support for complex operations, multimedia technology, edge AI and other advanced innovative applications.

As one of the life development of the integrated circuit industry, Zhaoyi Innovation will continue to increase the research and development investment of core technologies, strengthen talent training, and use innovation as the engine and quality as the cornerstone. The upstream and downstream partners continue to help the development of the industry.