Yingfeeling sells and cooperates with the expansion of the seal and testing plant, ADI and TSMC

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  • Release on:2024-02-28

1. Shengqun: MCU inventory is gradually digested, and performance will rise

According to the Taiwan Industrial and Commercial Times of China, Shengqun held a press conference on the 21st. General Manager Cai Rongzong pointed out that the sales of MCU products are closely related to the prosperity. For the company's product sales status, the consumption power of small appliances has not been restored.However, the performance of health measurement, security, and brushless DC motor fan is relatively stable. He expects that after the channel merchant inventory is gradually digested, the pull -out goods will be restarted, and the performance will be steadily rebounded after March.

In addition to the hanging fan, due to the unstable power supply of India, the voltage of Shengqun in the Indian marketStabilizerThere are also new markets in the market.chip, Inverse frequency air -conditioning application, all have the opportunity to cooperate.

2.storageThe price increase of the original factory is resolute, and the quotation is expected to rise in four consecutive quarters

According to the Taiwan Industrial and Commercial Times of China,storagechipThe three major originals control supply, and the attitude of lift the quotation is firm.In the DRAM part, focusing on HBM and DDR5 investment; the NAND part is to strive to sell without losing money.

Under the continuous supply control and the slow recovery of demand, the first quarter of DRAM rose 13%-18%month-on-month, the same increase in the previous quarter; NAND increased by 18%-23%from the previous quarter, which was better than 13%-18%in the previous quarter. EssenceLooking forward to the second season, the industry is estimated that the increase in the month -on -month increase is reduced compared with the first quarter. It is expected to enter the third season.storagechipAfter the peak season of the industry's traditional demand, the quarterly increase is expected to expand, and the quarterly quotation of the storage chip has the opportunity to rise in four consecutive seasons.

3.AI demand surged,NvidiaNet profit for the whole year has increased by nearly 6 times

According to fast technology,NvidiaThe fourth quarter and annual financial results of fiscal year as of January 28, 2024 were released.Financial reportAccording to the fourth quarter of fiscal year in fiscal year, Nvidia's revenue was US $ 22.103 billion, an increase of 265%year -on -year; net profit was US $ 12.285 billion, an increase of 769%year -on -year.The annual revenue of 2024 fiscal year was US $ 60.922 billion, an increase of 126%year -on -year; net profit was 29.760 billion US dollars, an increase of 581%year -on -year.

Fourth fiscal seasonNvidiaThe data center revenue reached a record 18.4 billion US dollars, an increase of 409%year -on -year.Nvidia predicts that the first fiscal quarter of the fiscal year in 2025 will be US $ 24 billion, floating up and down by 2%.Huang RenxunFinancial reportIt said that the accelerated calculation and generation AI has entered an inflection point, and the demand from various companies, industries and countries has surged around the world.

4. 4..IntelWailleMicrosoftOrders are likely to be AIchip

According to the Cailai News Agency,IntelSuccessful attractionMicrosoftBechipOEM business customers marked a key victory of the company in turn to losses.

MicrosoftandIntelExpressed at a event on Wednesday,MicrosoftIt is planned to use the Intel 18A process to produce self -researchchipEssenceThe specific product is not disclosed, butMicrosoftRecently announced the two self -developed chip plans, one is a computer processor, and the other isAIaccelerator.

5.RisaThrough MRAM technology, higher MCU data throughput

February 21,RisaIt is announced that the embedded self -rotation torque with fast reading and writing operation has been developedstorageMRAM testchipCircuit technology.The MCU unit test chip made of 22 nanometers includes 10.8 MBIT embedded MRAM storage unit arrays.It implements a random reading frequency of more than 200MHz and a throughput of 10.4 mb/s per second.

RisaContinue to develop MRAM technology in MCU.These new technologies are likely to increase memory access to more than 200 MHz, thereby achieving higher performance MCUs with embedded MRAM.The faster writing speed will help write the code to the endpoint device more efficiently.Ruisa is committed to further improving the capacity, speed and energy efficiency of MRAM.

6Then, thenVillageLaunched ultra -small low loss ceramic capacitors, support5GCommunication module

VillageOn the 20th, the production office announced the launch of a low -loss multi -layer ceramic capacitor, supporting 100V rated voltage, 0402M ultra -small size (0.4 x 0.2mm).This product is mainly used for wireless communication modules.Mass production began in February 2024.

5GThe demand for popularization of wireless communication circuits is increasing, which has led to the increasingly smaller and smaller installation space for components.andVillageCompared with the previous products (0603M size),New product The miniaturization was successfully achieved, and the sticker area was reduced by about 35%, and the volume was reduced by about 55%.This contributes to the miniaturization of the wireless communication module.In addition, product miniaturization also helps reduce energy consumption in materials and production processes.

7. Beauty ElectriccarThe manufacturer's RIVIAN output has not reached expectations, and will be layoffs 10%

According to IT home news, American ElectriccarThe manufacturer Rivian Automotive announced a 10%layoffs because the entire industry's concerns about the slowdown in electric vehicle sales continued to spread.Rivian in the fourth quarterFinancial reportIt is said that the company's expected production will not be higher than in 2023.After the news was released, Rivian's stock price fell.

Rivian's layoffs are expected to affect more than 1,000 employees, and the company has a total of 1,6700 paid and paying employees.Rivian is expected to produce 57,000 vehicles in 2024carIt is generally the same as in 2023. This forecast is far lower than the analogy of more than 80,000 vehicles expected by analysts.