Visha has launched a thick-membrane power resistor, which can be selected with NTC thermistor and PC-TIM simplified design, saving circuit board space and reducing costs

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  • Release on:2023-06-01

A few days ago, Vishay IntertechNology, Inc. (NYSE stock market code: VSH) announced that it has launched a new thick-membrane power resistance that passed the AEC-Q200 certification, using SOT-227 small packaging, which can be directly installed on the radiator-ISOA.Vishay MCB ISOA has high pulse processing capabilities. At the temperature of the 85 ° C bottom shell, the power is scattered at 120 W. The NTC thermistor is used for internal temperature monitoring.Improve the installation efficiency.

Recently released devices using aluminum substrate to replace metal pieces, which can be used as pre -charging, discharge, active discharge or buffering resistors to reduce the cost of automotive, industry, aviation electronics, national defense, and space (AMS).ISOA can choose to integrate NTC thermistor that pass AEC-Q200 authentication in resistance in the resistance packaging and test by temperature cyclic testing, simplifying the design and saving circuit board space. At the same time, PC-TIM can be selected to improve the efficiency of production and processing.


The high -power and high -energy dissipation of the device and the simplified design, reduce the required power device, and reduce costs.The resistance has high energy pulse processing capacity (up to 110 J / 0.1 s), and passes 3000 230 J / 670 ms and 5000 350 J / 1060 MS multi -pulse circulation test. It is suitableapplication.In addition, the device also provides customer custom tests.

The ISOA resistance range is 0.47 Ω to 1 MΩ, the tolerance is ± 5 % and ± 10 %, and the TCR is ± 100 ppm/k, ± 150 ppm/k, and ± 300 ppm/k.The maximum working voltage of the resistance is 1500 V, the operating temperature range is -55 ° C to +150 ° C, and the centriograph strength is 4000 VRMS.The device meets the ROHS standard and uses an inductive design, which can include two different resistors.

The new type of resistance is now available for samples and has been mass -produced, and the supply cycle is 15 weeks.

Vishay Introduction

Visha is one of the world's largest separate semiconductor and passive electronic component products manufacturers. These products are critical to innovative design in automotive, industry, computing, consumption, communications, national defense, aerospace and medical markets.Serving global customers, vishay carries technology genes -the dNA of Tech.?.Vishay IntertechNology, Inc. is the "Fortune 1,000 Enterprise" listed on the New York Stock Exchange (VSH).For more information on Vishay, please visit the website

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