Urgent order!This type of component may benefit from the domestic smartphone price war

According to the latest news, according to the Taiwan Media Economic Daily, the industry said that in order to face Apple's iPhone 15 series of new machines, mainland mobile phone brands have a tide of price reduction promotion, inspiring low -end mobile phone shipments, and passive component factories such as Guoshi and Huaxinke are expected to usher in ushered in Urgent order.

It is reported that after more than a year of inventory adjustment in the passive component industry, major manufacturers actively control the capacity utilization rate and strictly manage the output. At present, the inventory has dropped under the health water level in the past.

The industry believes that from the current market perspective, because the previous client has a conservative attitude of stocking, but the iPhone 15 series new machines will be listed. According to past experience, Apple pushes a new machine, and mainland Chinese brands will have a wave of mobile phone price reductions, which will stimulate demand. Therefore, under the recovery of the low -end mobile phone market, it is conducive to pushing the shipments of passive component manufacturers.

Not long before, the Guoju said at the French meeting that the passive component industry was still at the bottom, and it was estimated that recovery would take two quarters.On the whole, the current market trend is more like L type instead of V.The company had previously estimated that the passive component industry could usher in the flip in the second half of 2023, but now it needs to be extended to the beginning of 2024.

In addition, in terms of smartphone shipments, Techinsights data shows that in the second quarter of 2023, the shipments of smartphones in mainland China fell by 5%year -on -year, but the decline in this quarter was narrowed from the previous quarter. The amount of goods decreased by 13%year -on -year, and the fourth quarter of 2022 decreased 15%year -on -year, which marked the beginning of the stability and recovery cycle of mainland China's smartphone market in the next few quarters.

*Disclaimer: The news of this article originated from the Taiwan Economic Daily, Techinsights, and Microex. It was organized by Huaqiang Microelectronics. The news was only for exchanges and learning.