Toshiba Launches 600V Small Smart Power Device for Brushless DC Motor Drive

  • Source:network
  • Release on:2023-08-25

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation ("Toshiba") today announced the launch of two 600V compact intelligent power devices (IPD) --- "TPD4163F" and "TPD4164F", which can be used in DC wireless brush motor drive applications.The output current (DC) ratings of "TPD4163F" and "TPD4164F" are 1A and 2A, respectively, and mass shipments are supported starting today.


Both new products are available in the surface-mount HSSOP31 package, which reduces the surface-mount area by about 63% compared to Toshiba's previous products[1] --- this not only reduces the size of the motor drive board, but also Reduced motor height.

Considering that the power supply voltage may fluctuate greatly in areas with unstable power supply, this new product also increases the voltage from 500V in Toshiba's previous product[1] to 600V, improving reliability.

From now on, users can visit Toshiba's official website to obtain the "Senseless Brushless DC Motor Drive Circuit Reference Design", which uses the new product TPD4164F and related functions of the TMPM374FWUG microcontroller with a vector control engine.

Going forward, Toshiba will continue to expand its lineup of energy-saving motor control products, offering various packages and improved device characteristics, contributing to increased design flexibility and the achievement of carbon neutrality.