Toshiba launched a simple solution to detect the temperature rise of electronic equipment, thermoflagger

Toshiba Electronic Component and Storage Device Co., Ltd. ("Toshiba") announced today that the first two products of the launch of the ICsmoflaggertm series were launched: "TCTH021BE" When the abnormal state was detected, the FLAG signal did not have a lock -up function, "TCTH022BE"Flag signal detection belt lock function.They use the positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistor to detect the temperature rise inside the electronic equipment in a simple circuit configuration.The product has begun to support batch shipments today.


In order to operate electronic equipment in accordance with regulations, its semiconductor and electronic components must work within the scope of the design parameters.Temperature is a key parameter, especially when the internal temperature is higher than the assumption temperature when the design is higher.This may be a major problem in terms of safety and reliability, so the temperature monitoring solution is required to detect any temperature rise.

The new thermoflaggertm IC and PTC thermistor are used in conjunction, which can be monitored according to the temperature change.They can detect the changes in the resistance value of the PTC thermistor near the thermal source and output the FLAG signal to display the temperature.Candidate PTC thermistor can achieve over -temperature detection in multiple positions.

The new IC uses a small standard SOT-553 package (Toshiba's package name: ESV), and the current consumption is as low as 11.3 μA (typical value).

The new IC reference design "Application Circuit of IC THERMOFLAGGER" is now released.

Thermoflaggertm IC allows users to easily configure the temperature detection system for the entire electronics and help achieve dual improvement of size and power consumption.Toshiba will continue to develop thermoflaggertm IC with various functions.

Figure 1: Thermoflaggertm over -temperature protection solution


Figure 2: The circuit board samples of thermoflaggertm TCTH021BE



-Comoto device (laptop computer, etc.)

-Orter electrical appliances

-Che industrial equipment, etc.


-The configuration is simple and can be used with PTC thermistor

-At the heating resistance of the series PTC can be monitored at multiple points at the same time

-The low power consumption: IDD10U = 11.3μA (typical value)

-S small standard package: SOT-553 (ESV)

-The optional PTCO output current: IPTCO = 10 μA (typical value)

-On high PTCO output current accuracy: ± 8%(VDD = 3.3V, 25 ° C)

-Flag signal output (PTCGOOD)