Sudden!Marvell again layoffs!

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  • Release on:2023-11-20

Just now, affected by the poor market conditions of NAND FLASH and the restrictions on the Sino -US trade war, the NAND FLASH control IC business of the IC Design Factory Marvell is impacted. The industry reports that Marvell will abolish Taiwan's NAND Flash control IC team. And has recently taken effect, the industry competes for NAND Flash to control IC orders and talents.

The industry infer that although Marvell is not fully withdrawn from NAND Flash to control the IC business, the NAND Flash team that has been abolished in Taiwan in Taiwan said that the storage business is still difficult.

It is reported that the original factory is also competing for NAND FLASH to control the IC market, and use its own development or outsourced design mass production model, which has affected Marvell operations for the corporate market, which has also led to Marvell's contracted related teams.

The comment believes that Marvell's abolition of the NAND FLASH control IC team in Taiwan, the group is the largest. Not only is it expected to grab the relevant talents, it can also expand the market share and expand related enterprises to control IC shipments with SSDs.

In the past two years, Marvell has continuously reported layoffs.In October 2022, MARVELL abolished most of the R & D members of Shanghai and Chengdu Branch.In May of this year, it was reported that the company plans to dismiss about 15%of R & D personnel around the world, about 1,000 people, of which only about 5%of the United States, and most of the remaining referendum is located in mainland China.

From the perspective of the global control chip market, Samsung accounts for about 45%of the market share; Huirong Technology, Qunlian Electronics, Marvell and other manufacturers account for about 40%of the market share.Marvell has a good performance and has always been the leader of the performance in the main control market. Its SSD controller is based on the NAND EDGE LDPC engine and supports the use of high -performance and large -capacity SSDs in enterprise and large -scale data centers. It is also compatible with TLC and QLC With SLC memory, data security and data error correction have a leading ability.

*Disclaimer: The news of this article originated from related Taiwanese media and collecting micro -nets. The news was for exchanges and learning without official confirmation.