Stewell launched 5MP high -resolution, high frame rate noodle array CMOS image sensor new products, empowering high -end industrial machine visual camera applications

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  • Release on:2023-10-23

Stewell (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Stewell, stock code: 688213), heavy launch of 5MP high -frame rate industrial face array CMOS image sensor new product -SC535HGS.This back-shining global shutter image sensor is equipped with advanced SmartGS-2 PLUS technology, relying on the excellent simulation circuit design of Steweer, combined with excellent Pixgain technology and single-frame turning point HDR technology, combines high quantum efficiency (QE), low noise noise, low noise noise The four major performance advantages of high dynamic range (HDR) and high frame rate.As the latest products of Stewell high -performance industrial -grade machine visual application series, SC535HGS can be widely used in industrial testing scenarios to ensure that distorted imaging and high -speed image collection performance have brought more accurate and efficient visual applications to high -end industrial machine visual applications. Visual detection, quality control and production optimization ability, significantly improve the efficiency and quality of industrial production.


With the increasing demand for intelligent and automation in the industrial field, machine vision technology has become an important tool for improving production efficiency and quality.As the core visual element of machine vision, CMOS image sensor is widely used in industrial testing, identification, measurement and other scenarios.According to YOLE's latest forecast, in the next four years, the industrial CIS market will maintain a high speed, and by 2027, the market size will reach US $ 1.302 billion.

Advanced SMARTGS-2 PLUS technology blessing, to create accurate, stable and reliable visual solutions with stronger performance

Through highly accurate measurement and real -time image collection capabilities, global shutter sensors have been widely used in visual application scenarios in many industrial machines, such as detection, identification and sorting.Its excellent performance has significantly improved image quality, especially in terms of eliminating the fuzzy movement, and has obvious advantages.

SC535HGS uses SimartGS-2 PLUS technology of Stewell's innovation. Based on global shutter (GS) technology and back-illuminated pixel structure (BSI) ), And the High Density MIM (HD MIM) process was applied, which greatly reduced random noise and improved image quality.

SC535HGS image sensors with low noise, high resolution, high QE, and high FWC can greatly improve the detection capacity of high -end machine visual applications on high -speed mobile parts, and achieve high -quality image capture in low -illumination environments to improve production efficiency Essence

Low noise

The traditional GS sensor needs additional circuits to support the opening and shutdown of the shutter. In the process, some electronic noise may be introduced.The SC535HGS adopts advanced HD MIM technology to greatly reduce interference and noise between electronic components.Under the blessing of SmartGS-2 PLUS technology, the chip has achieved breakthrough noise performance improvement, compared with previous generation technology products, improves significant improvement, and is close to the noise performance of rolling shutter shutter (RS) products.

New products read noise and fixed noise (FPN) as low as 2.44E-and 2E-, respectively, which significantly reduced by 30%and 72%respectively compared with previous generation technology products.In addition, the dark current (DC) of the chip (DC) is as low as 450E-/s under 80 ° C environment. Compared with the previous generation of technical products, it reduces about 46%, which not only brings clean details, low noise imaging effects, but also guarantees The image quality and stability of high -end industrial imaging applications under high temperature conditions.