South Korea and the Netherlands, strengthen semiconductor cooperation

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  • Release on:2024-02-21

The Ministry of Industry of Korea said that South Korea and the Netherlands launched a semiconductor industry dialogue on Monday to promote bilateral cooperation in advanced fields.

According to the Ministry of Commerce Resources of the South Korean Industry, the two countries held the first dialogue at the Director of the Holly and Dutch Semiconductor in Eindhoven, Netherlands on the same day.This meeting was held when South Korean President Yin Xilie agreed to establish a working -level dialogue channel and vowed to work with the Netherlands to establish a "semiconductor alliance" when he conducted a state visit to European countries.

At the meeting on Monday, the two countries shared their own industrial -related policies and discussed how to strengthen cooperation in the fields of chip design, equipment and packaging.They also exchanged their opinions on how to operate and expand the education project, which aims to train 500 experts in the two countries by 2028.

The ministry stated that the plan was launched this month and a total of 60 graduate students participated.Officials also discussed the commercial round table meeting and various other activities with the major industry participants to provide them with new business opportunities.

Li Yongfei, a South Korean representative who participated in the dialogue, said: "As a key participant in the industry, strengthening cooperation between the two countries is also expected to contribute to the stable supply chain in the global semiconductor field."

Hanhe and the Dragons build a semiconductor alliance

According to the Yonhap News Agency, since the establishment of diplomatic relations between South Korea and the Netherlands since its establishment of diplomatic relations in 1961, it has been further upgraded and cooperated by cutting -centered technology after 62 years.In the joint statement, the leaders of Hanhe pointed out that the two countries are constantly satisfied with the development of bilateral cooperation in many areas of economy, trade, and culture. As geopolitical partners, the two countries will further strengthen the fields of economic security and marine law. Cooperation in order to contribute to global peace, prosperity and security, and promote the partnership of the India-Pacific and Europe-Atlantic partnerships.

The joint statement pointed out: "The leaders of the two sides emphasized the importance of freedom, openness and tolerance, and agreed to strengthen cooperation on their respective India strategy.

The joint statement mentioned: "The leaders of the two sides recognize their unique and complementary status in the semiconductor value chain, and reiterate that they are committed to establishing a semiconductor alliance jointly participated by the government, enterprises and universities. Bilateral semiconductor dialogue and semiconductor talent programs, and continue to expand the cooperation of enterprises in enterprises. "

The joint statement added: "The leaders of the two sides realized that monitoring the interruption of key items and ensuring the toughness of the supply chain are issues they care about. They agree to promote the knowledge and information of the supply chain of key items in the government."

The report mentioned that the two sides also agreed to expand the channels for strategic communication.While setting up the Ministerial Dialogue Mechanism of Foreign Affairs and Industry Department, the Foreign Minister Assistant -level Policy Consultative Meeting and Economic Joint Commission meeting, as well as the joint committee meeting of the Ministry of Industry, and the Innovation Joint Committee meeting of the Ministry of Industry.

The heads of the two countries also decided to promote cooperation in the fields of defense, military industry and emerging security.Specifically, including the signing of the memorandum of understanding of the defense cooperation, holding the military industry and army must be a joint committee meeting; in 2025, South Korea will participate in the "JPOW" of the anti -air defense anti -missile command post in Germany and the Netherlands as an observer state; The second "Military Summit" (Reaim) was held.

Yin Xiyue said at the business luncheon hosted by Lutter on Wednesday, "I believe that this state visit will become a starting point for a new leap in relations between the two countries."He pointed out: "South Korea and the Netherlands have discussed strategic cooperation in the fields of defense, economic security, supply chain, and semiconductor, and opened up a new horizon for the partnership between the two countries."

Yin Xiyue subsequently emphasized that "as a model of market economy and democratic countries representing Europe and Asia, the two countries will jointly maintain international order based on rules and work closely in technological innovation."

Yin Xiyue also stated at the press conference on the day that "establishing a semiconductor alliance between South Korea and the Netherlands means joint discussion and solving important scientific and technological issues, and closely share information to maintain the advantages of semiconductor super gap."

It is reported that this also means that South Korea is one step closer to the formation of connecting design, subcontracting (materials, parts, equipment) and the global semiconductor supply chain alliance that manufactures the entire cycle.The Netherlands is one of the important partners of Yin Xiyue's political power. It has established a close cooperation system through unity between South Korea, the United States, and Japan to stabilize the supply chain.

South Korea ’s President’ s Office said that Yin Xiyue ’s interview will ensure the competitiveness of the entire semiconductor production cycle, and through the United States and Japan afterSemiconductor equipmentThe unity of the strong country and the Netherlands establishes global cooperation channels.

South Korea is a semiconductor manufacturing power, but it is relatively weak in the field of non -memory, especially materials and equipment, so the cooperation between the two sides is essential to South Korea.The South Korean government hopes that the semiconductor alliance with the Netherlands will help the supply and purchase of semiconductor equipment.

*Disclaimer: The news of this article comes from observation of the semiconductor industry. The news is for exchanges and learning.