Samsung has dominated the global television market with a 30.1%share, and has won the championship for 18 consecutive years.

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  • Release on:2024-02-21

On February 20 news, according to foreign media reports such as Yonhap News Agency, the latest report released by market research company OMDIA shows that based on the sales amount, Samsung continued to dominate the global television market in 2023 with a high market share of 30.1%. Since 2006 Samsung has won the largest market share for 18 consecutive years.

It is worth noting that in the high -end TV market with a price of more than $ 2,500, Samsung has achieved a 60.5%overwhelming market share, an increase of 12.2 percentage points from 48.3%in 2022.QLEDTelevision sold 8.31 million units in 2023. Since the launch of the first QLED TV in 2017, the cumulative sales have reached 44 million units.

However, in terms of the OLED TV market, Samsung is the enemyLG electronics(LG Electronics) is still invincible. In 2023, LG's OLED TV shipments were about 3 million units, accounting for 53%of global shipments, and the 11 consecutive years of sales champions.

according toLg displayThe financial report announced in January this year states that it has benefited from the annual shopping season to buy gas and pushes the demand for mobile phones and TV. In the fourth quarter of 2023, profitability is profitable, and its operating profit is 132 billion won (about 98.67 million US dollars). The loss was 876 billion won, which was the first time to get rid of the quagmire for the first time since the seventh season.

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