Ruisa launches the next -generation robot with visual AI and real -time control functions to launch a powerful single -chip RZ/V2H MPU

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  • Release on:2024-03-01

Global Semiconductor Solutions Supplier Ruisa Electronics (TSE: 6723) today announced the launch of a new product for high -performance robots -RZ/V2H to further expand its popular RZ product family microprocessor (MPU).RZ/V2H creates the highest level of performance in the product family, which can achieve visual AI and real -time control functions.

Rz/V2H is equipped with a new generation of Ryesa's proprietary AI accelerator DRP-AI3 (dynamic configurable processor-AI3), which can bring 10TOPS/W energy efficiency, which can increase by 10 times compared to the early model.In addition, the pruning technology adopted by the DRP-AI3 accelerator has significantly enhanced the efficiency of AI computing and raised the AI ​​reasoning performance to 80TOPS.This performance improvement enables engineers to handle visual AI applications directly on the edge AI equipment without relying on cloud computing platforms.Recently, the details of the new DRP-AI3 acceleration technology were announced at the International Solid-state Circuit Conference (ISSCC 2024) held in San Francisco, USA.


Rz/V2H integrates four ARM Cortex-A55 CPU kernels with 1.8GHz (for Linux application processing), two Cortex-R8 kernels with 800MHz (for high-performance real-time processing), and two operating frequency of 800MHz, and A Cortex-M33 sub-kernel.By integrating these kernel into a single chip, the product can effectively manage the visual AI and real -time control tasks, which has become an ideal choice for robotic applications that require harsh robotics in the future.Thanks to the lower power consumption of RZ/V2H, there is no need to use cooling fans and other cooling components, so that engineers can design systems with smaller volume, lower cost, and higher reliability.

Daryl Khoo, Vice President of the Embedded Processing 1st Division At Renesas said: "As an excellent motor control microprocessor supplier, Risa has prepared for the next challenge to promote the development of the robot market by AI technology. /V2H will promote the development of the next generation of autonomous robots with visual AI functions and independent thinking and real -time action control capabilities. "


OpenCV is an open source industry standard library for computer vision processing.In this regard, Ruisa uses its proprietary DRP technology to develop OpenCV accelerators, which can speed up the processing speed of OpenCV; compared with the CPU processing, the speed is up to 16 times.The combination of DRP-AI3 and OpenCV accelerator enhances the AI ​​computing and image processing algorithm, so that the virtual SLAM (note) technology used in robot vacuum cleaners and other applications can be executed efficiently and real-time in real time.

In order to accelerate development, Ruisa also released "AI Applications, pre -training model libraries for various cases), and AI SDK (software development tool package) for fast AI application development.By running these software on the Rz/V2H evaluation board, even if the engineer does not have rich AI knowledge, it can easily evaluate the AI ​​application in the early stages of the design process.

"We are glad to participate in the release of RZ/V2H with Rolf Segger, the founder of Segger MicroController Gmbh, said, combining artificial intelligence technology with real-time control. Segger's J-LINK debugger was widely used by many embedded development projects around the world. It will provide the support required by RZ/V2H to help accelerate the innovation of the next generation of robotics. We look forward to the partnership with Ruisa Electronics for decades to go to the next level. "

Successful product portfolio

Ruisa has developed a "visual detection single -board computer", using camera images to identify the surrounding environment, and determines and control its movement in real time.The solution combines RZ/V2H with Power Management IC and Versaclock programmer generator to support high -energy industrial robots and devices.This efficient design does not require additional cooling fan, which reduces the BOM and size of the solution.These "successful product portfolios" are based on mutual compatible and seamless collaboration products, have a technical verification system architecture, and bring optimized low -risk design to accelerate the product listing speed.Ruisa has launched more than 400 "successful product portfolios" based on various products in its product lineup, allowing customers to accelerate the design process and push the product to the market faster.For more information, please visit:

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Rz/V2H is now on the market, and the assessment board and AI SDK are also listed at the same time.For more information about the product and development tools, please visit:

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