Ruisa launched the new RA0 series ultra -low power entry -level MCU

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  • Release on:2024-04-12

On April 9, 2024, Beijing News -Global Semiconductor Solutions Supplier Ruisa Electronics (TSE: 6723) today announced the launch of the ARM? Cortex? -M23 processor RA0 microcontroller (MCU) series.The new 32 -bit general -purpose MCU RA0 series products also provide ultra -low power consumption performance in addition to lower costs.

The current consumption of RA0 products is only 84.3 μA/MHz, and the sleep mode is only 0.82mA.In addition, Ruisa also provides software standby mode in this new MCU, which can further reduce power consumption by 99%to a minimal value of 0.2 μA.In conjunction with the quickly wake up the HOCO (HOCO), this ultra -low -power MCU consumer electronics equipment, small appliances, industrial system control and building automation applications for battery have brought ideal solutions.

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Function set for low -cost optimization
Risa has now launched the first product group of the RA0 series: RA0E1.The function set of this product is optimized for cost -sensitive applications, supporting a wide working voltage range of 1.6V to 5.5V. Customers do not need to use the level converter/regulator in the 5V system.The RA0 MCU also integrates timers, serial communication, and simulation functions, security functions and human -machine interface (HMI) functions to reduce customer BOM costs.In addition, this series of products also offers a variety of packaging options, including 3mm x 3mm miniature 16 pins QFN packaging.

The high -precision (± 1.0%) of the new MCU (± 1.0%) of the oscillator (HOCO) has improved the Potter rate accuracy, and the designer can save the independent oscillator.In addition, unlike other HOCOs, this accuracy can still be maintained in an environment from -40 ° C to 105 ° C. Such a broad temperature range allows customers to perform expensive and time-consuming " Filter ".

RA0E1 MCU not only has key diagnostic security functions and IEC60730 self -inspection library, but also provides rich guarantee functions for data security, such as real random number generators (TRNG) and AES libraries, which are suitable for IoT applications including encryption.

Akihiro Kuroda, Vice President of the Embedded Processing 2nd Division At Renesas said: "As a leader in the field of embedded processing, our customers hope that Risa can create the best solutions for various applications. The RA0E1 MCU product group can provide prices for prices. The ultra -low power consumption and low cost required for sensitive systems, while maintaining functional security, data security and design convenience. Combined with the high -performance RA8 series we recently launched, Risa can now be a variety of customers in all regions of the world. Application brings a first -class MCU solution. "

Paul Williamson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, IOT LINE of Business at ARM said: "Low -power IoT embedded applications in market automation and smart home furnishings have clear requirements for performance, efficiency, and data security. The RA MCU product family built by Sakki in ARM technology currently provides various solutions from low -power RA0 MCU to high -performance AI function RA8 products. And all products use the general design environment, which can achieve relaxed and rapid development and migration. ","

The key features of the RA0E1 MCU product group
Core: 32MHz ARM Cortex-M23
Storage: Integrated code flash memory of 64KB and 12KB SRAM
Exterior exterior: 12 -bit ADC, temperature sensor, internal reference voltage
Communication peripherals: 3 UART, 1 Different step UART, 3 Simplified SPI, 1 IIC, 3 Simplified IIC
Functional security: SRAM's puppet verification, invalid memory access detection, frequency detection, A/D test, unsusable storage, CRC calculator, register writing protection
Data security: only ID, trNG, flash memory reading protection
Packaging: 16, 24, and 32 pin QFN, 20 pin lssop, 32 pin lqfp

The new RA0E1 product group MCU is supported by Ruisa flexibly configuration software package (FSP).FSP brings all the infrastructure software required, including multiple RTOS, BSP, peripheral drivers, middleware, connection, network and security stacks, and reference software for building complex AI, motor control and cloud solutions. So as to speed up application development.It allows customers to integrate their existing code and the selected RTOS and FSP to create full flexibility for application development.Customers can easily migrate the existing design to larger RA series products according to their own needs.

Successful product portfolio
Ruisa combines the new RA0E1 product group MCU with many compatible devices in its product portfolio to create a wide range of "successful product portfolios", including public building HVAC environment monitoring module.These "successful product portfolios" are based on mutual compatible and seamless collaboration products, have a technical verification system architecture, and bring optimized low -risk design to accelerate the product listing speed.Ruisa has launched more than 400 "successful product portfolios" based on various products in its product lineup, allowing customers to accelerate the design process and push the product to the market faster.For more information, please visit:

Embedded World 2024 Exhibition Information
Watch the live demonstration of the new RA0 MCU, please visit the Embedded World World 2024 exhibition (Hall 1, 234 exhibition) held in Embedded World 2024 exhibition at Nuremberg, Germany from April 9th ​​to 11th.

Supply information
The RA0E1 product group MCU, FSP software and RA0E1 fast prototype development board have now been launched.Samples and kits can be ordered on the Ruisa website or through distributors.For more information about the new MCU products, please visit:

Risa MCU advantage
As the global excellent MCU product supplier, the average annual shipment of MCUs of Ruisa Electronics has exceeded 3.5 billion, of which about 50%are used in the automotive field, and the rest are used in industry, the Internet of Things, and data centers and communication foundations. Facilities and other fields.Ruisa Electronics has a wide range of 8 -bit, 16 -bit, and 32 -bit product portfolios. It is an excellent 16 -bit and 32 -bit MCU supplier in the industry. The products provided have excellent quality and efficiency and excellent performance.At the same time, as a trusted supplier, Ruisa Electronics has decades of MCU design experience, and uses the dual source production model, the industry's advanced MCU process technology, and a huge system composed of more than 250 ecosystem partners as a system as a system as a system. backing.For more information about Ruisa Electronic MCU, please visit:

About Risa Electronics
Ruisa Electronics (TSE: 6723), technology makes life easier, and is committed to creating a more secure, smarter and sustainable future.As a global micro -controller supplier, Ruisa Electronics integrates professional knowledge in embedded processing, simulation, power supply and connection to provide complete semiconductor solutions.Successful product portfolio accelerates the listing of automotive, industry, infrastructure and IoT applications, and empowers billions of networking intelligent equipment to improve people's work and lifestyle.For more information, please visit the Ruisa Electronic WeChat public account and find more exciting content.