Melexis launches a full -integrated inductor switch chip

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  • Release on:2024-04-11

On April 11, 2024, the Belgium Tyson Della -Global Microelectronics Engineering MELEXIS officially launched an innovative INDUXIS? Switch chip MLX92442.This single -chip solution can directly detect the conductive target with its non -contact design, the characteristics of no magnet, and excellent anti -miscellaneous scattered field interference ability.This product not only supports small module design, significantly reduces the number of components, but also performed well in improving safety and electrification.Its widespread application areas include high -voltage interoperability, charging mouth cover, seat belt, hood/trunk, gear sensing or line control brakes.

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Traditional cars' safety locks and switches, such as door and trunk handles, seat belts, and brake light switches, often use mechanical contact or magnetic switches, such as key switches, scouts or Hall effect sensors.However, these solutions often need to modify the design of security targets when applying, such as adding magnets, brackets, or physical convex triggers.

The innovative and inductive solutions of the Mile Core completely subverted this traditional model.Its unique technology can directly sensorize actual security targets, such as seat belt buckle or door locks, without the assistance of magnets or buttons.As long as the target conductivity, precise and reliable detection can be achieved.

The position sensing technology innovation of Mali Core has brought a lot of significant advantages.This technology abandons the traditional mobile mechanism and additional components, making direct induction operations more reliable and secure, and no longer rely on safety component components that may be damaged or shifted.In addition, this innovative solution also helps simplify the logistics list (BOM).The inductive non -contact operation is not only more reliable than traditional mechanical solutions, it can resist the possible wear of the time of time, but also to resist magnetic interference and ensure the stable operation of the system.


Cutting -edge design
The core advantage of MLX92442 is its highly integrated and miniaturized standard packaging design.Compared with other inductive solutions, the uniqueness of this solution is that it realizes the complete integration of the internal coils and interfaces of the chip, so that developers no longer need to develop bulky PCB and coil solutions for applications.

In order to meet the needs of different applications, the solution provides two flexible choices: plug -in VK packaging or surface sticker SOIC packaging.No matter which packaging method is adopted, compared with the existing solution, its BOM has reduced from 3 components to 2 components (target+chip/coil).Combined with the aforementioned removal of magnetic characteristics, this innovation helps produces more sustainable and secure design than existing sensors in the market.

In order to ensure continuous and reliable operation, MLX92442 also integrates reverse power supply voltage, underwriting and thermal protection mechanism, as well as high -level integrated self -diagnostic functions with a dedicated safety model.

Simplify integration
The inductive solutions of Mali Core performed well in simplifying integration, which not only reduced the number of BOM components, but also saved the development time significantly.It supports programming at the end of the factory and the production line, making the smart switch/lock operation easily lift, and it can be easily implemented through the shape and movement of the definition application.Compared with the traditional Hall effect solution, this solution does not need to be magnetic simulation, which can shorten the development cycle (this advantage is second only to the significant results of saving BOM).

In terms of assembly design, the standard packaging and the characteristics of MLX92442 do not require magnetic and brackets to make system integration easier.This design not only simplifies the supply chain, but also reduces the number of components, which helps shorten the prototype production and production assembly time.In addition, because only the matching of inductive sensors and conductive safety elements in the air gap of 1.5mm, this solution also helps maintain mechanical tolerances in assembly.

MLX92442 has industry standard second or third -line interfaces, wide working voltage from 3.5V to 18V, and working temperature range from 40 ° C to 150 ° C. At the same time, it meets the ISO26262 ASIL A standard. Therefore, the design considerations are extremely simplified.For security key applications that need to be redundant, MLX92442's inductor technology provides a highly reliable option. The design requirements are low and can co -operate with Hall effects and mechanical solutions.

Ready, can be evaluated
"By adopting this new technology, our engineering team successfully redefined the terminal location sensing and brought many advantages to users," said Minko Daskalov, the product manager of Mile Citris, "INDUXIS? It aims to promote electrification and safety technology Continuous progress provides strong support for key areas such as the battery and hydrogen technology of power grids and electric vehicles. MLX92442 perfectly meets all needs. "

MLX92442 is currently at the stage of production, and we provide engineering B samples and evaluation kits.

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