Heavy!Texas instrument chip comprehensive price reduction reduction sales

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  • Release on:2023-05-31

The latest news shows that after the revenue and net profit dropped in two seasons, the Texas Instrument (TI) fully lowered the chip price of the Chinese market in May this year.Multiple market share.

As we all know, the simulation chip can be divided into general analog chips and special simulation chips.The general analog chip includes two categories: power management and signal chain. These two types of chips are the hardest hit areas of the price reduction strategy of Texas instruments, especially the power management chip.Products and products have gradually occupied high -end markets.Therefore, most people in the industry believe that power management chips are the main goal of accurate strikes of Texas instruments.

At present, the only agent authorized by Texas Instruments in China is only Ai Rui Electronics. After the price reduction of its products, other electronic component agents quickly noticed the market change.Emphasized.

Several market participants believe that the price reduction strategy of Texas instruments in China will show the results as soon as possible in the second quarter of this year. It is generally optimistic that its revenue has rebounded, but under the influence of the price reduction strategy, the company's profit performance will not be available.Great changes.

It is worth noting that the current cyclical bottom of the semiconductor industry is currently at the bottom of the semiconductor industry. The price reduction strategy adopted by Texas instruments at the turn of the market requires local analog chip companies to attract great attention.Because once the market began to rebound, in the next wave of market, Texas instruments will inevitably take away the largest cake.

Some analysts believe that even if some special simulation chips with long verification cycles and relatively decentralized types are not affected yet, if the price reduction strategy of Texas instruments continues to extend, customers' re -switching is only a matter of time.You know, Texas Instruments also have more complete products, with a total of more than 80,000 chip products, and the most Sanbang shares in domestic simulation chip companies also have only more than 4,000 products.

In addition, the price reduction of Texas instruments ended the domestic alternative bonus of simulation chip industry to a certain extent.Local manufacturers cannot continue to be satisfied with the current status of product "can use" and "enough", but should polish the product to the level of "easy use" with a more urgent mentality.The foreshadowing buried by the price reduction, and the hidden dawn murder in the next wave of market rebound