Experts in Yingfeeling are optimistic about the prospect of the growth of the household storage market

Yingfeeling believes that the efficiency and power density of the photovoltaic household storage system in the future is the most important factor that restricts the competitiveness of the product.

One -stop solution for household energy storage system?British Fei Ling is provided!

How to deal with such a high -power density and minimum temperature rise challenge?Yingfeeling strongly recommends customers to use SIC MOS.

The reason is due to the following 4 points of performance advantages of the third -generation semiconductor SIC:

First, the transformation from SI -based devices to SIC -based systems can greatly improve efficiency;

Second, the size of SIC MOS is smaller, which further improves the power density;

Third, SIC MOS is very flexible. Its PIN foot or use method can be seamlessly connected with SI -based systems;

Fourth, its Scalability is very good, from 650V, 1200V, 1700V.

Taking the traditional NPC1 topology as an example, if the 650V COOLSIC? MOSFET replaced the traditional IGBT comparison, the efficiency was increased by 1.3%in the case of 70kHz.

If friends who are familiar with the system design will know that in the limits, it is difficult to increase energy efficiency by 0.1%. However, in the DEMO of NPC1, when other system conditions are unchanged, they can only replace the power device and can then be able to. Raising 1.3%improvement -this is a very large efficiency improvement, and it also confirms that SIC MOS is the product that matches the needs of future household energy storage systems.

It is reported that Yingfei Ling has released the second -generation silicon carbide MOS products. Taking 650 volts and 57 millimeters of products as an example, its second -generation products are reduced by about 30%compared to the first performance of QOSS, EOSS, CISS, etc. In addition, the second -generation products also retain the ease of use, so that customers can directly turn off the device during 0 volts.

At the forum site, Yingfei Ling also brought 3 DEMOs, such as 240W XDPS2222 5 ~ 48V USB PD3.1 demonstration version, 170W ebike hybrid reference design, and SIC MOS -based 3.3KW CCM two -way totem pilla PFC solution for site The media teachers and industry people have a better understanding.

In addition, as one of the few companies in the world that can lay out three types of power semiconductors (from silicon -based MOS, IGBT to SICs that cover different voltage levels, to the GAN scheme) Design, production to packaging has achieved internal process management, so as to ensure the quality of the product to the extreme.

On the other hand, in terms of the system, the functional frame diagram of the energy storage system of the household can be seen (as shown in the figure below).Among them, power conversion can be divided into two most, one is DC/DC conversion, and the other is DC/AC conversion. This is very different from the traditional photovoltaic system because energy is transmitted in two -way.

Yingfeeling can provide a one -stop solution in it. From Ying Feiling's most familiar products, including MOS, IGBT, IGBT module and other power semiconductor products, to MCU, security protection chip, current sensor and other solutions.It can be said that in the entire household energy storage system, Ying Feiling can help end customers to achieve the most useful design with a one -stop solution.

Xu Bin said, "At present, the energy storage system of the household seems simple, but in fact the internal structure is very complicated, involving many devices, but the complete solutions provided by Yingfeeling can not only bring customers a faster and better design experience, but also the design experience, but also more, but also the design experience, but also the design experience, but also the design experience. Can further improve the power density of the system and improve efficiency. "

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