Domestic chip manufacturers, the most profitable terminal customer field in China

With the disclosure of all listed companies in the third quarter of 2023, the strength of the demand for downstream terminal customers is closely related to the fluctuation of the performance of upstream semiconductor manufacturers.

List of revenue of the 10 major terminal industry in China

According to the main application scenarios of semiconductors, Xinzhiger has selected more representative companies in the ten major industries of car Tier1, automobiles, industrial control, communication equipment, photovoltaic, energy storage, medical equipment, IoT, consumer electronics, and servers in the top ten industries. Track.According to the incomplete statistics of Xinjiao, in the downstream industry in the Q3 quarter, the automotive industry is still highly prosperous; and the server destocking effect is better. Driven by the AI ​​server, the performance has increased significantly. The high -degree photovoltaic and energy storage performance declined significantly in the Q3 quarterly performance, and it is necessary to alert the risk of its inventory adjustment.

1. Car1 Q3 revenue increased year -on -year increase

Specifically, in terms of automobile Tier1, the main manufacturers' performance still continues the trend of stable growth before. The industry includes Desesi, Huayang Group, Junsheng Electronics and other manufacturers in Q3. And a good momentum of growing month -on -month.Taking Jiansheng Electronics as an example, with the accelerated transformation of intelligent and electrification of the global automotive industry, the company has actively grasped the market opportunities of the market share of smart electric vehicles and the increase in market share of Chinese independent brands and new power brands. The order continues to maintain a strong development momentum.In the first three quarters of 2023, the company's global cumulative new order of the entire life cycle of the order was about 59 billion yuan, of which the amount of new orders related to new energy vehicles was about 35 billion yuan.From the perspective of market areas, the cooperative relationship between the Chinese market, especially the head of the head of the head, the new forces, has continued to strengthen, and the proportion of orders has increased significantly. The domestic business team has received about 25 billion yuan in global market orders, accounting for about 42%. Essence

2. The performance of the OEM Q3 continues to grow up

In terms of the entire vehicle factory, driven by the high degree of prosperity in the industry, major car manufacturers such as BYD, Great Wall Motor, SAIC Group, Changan Automobile, GAC Group have achieved good results. The year -on -year growth rate of net profit increased by more than 40%.