Dolphin Design announced the first silicon wafer successfully streaming support for 12 nanometer FinFET technology

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  • Release on:2024-02-24

Dolphin Design, a leading supplier of high -performance simulation, hybrid signal, processing intellectual property (IP), and ASIC design, successfully streaming the first 12 -nanometer FINFET test chip containing the most advanced audio IP, reaching an important milestone.

Creating a special test chip is a key step in the leading position of Dolphin Design to establish a leading position in the field of power management and audio IP, which helps to continuously improve its product performance and quality.Dolphin Design has continuously improved the professional level of advanced processes used by customers, because it was previously completed at 22 nanometer technology.When designing new IPs or migration, describing and mastering the process can ensure the best performance of the chip.


Dolphin Design played a key role in cooperating with the company's positive and aggressive performance roadmap from test chip development.These gains can ensure that the IP has developed long -term development and meets the increasing demand for performance and low power consumption.

This new 12 nanometer FinFET test chip internal embedded characteristics include:

-The four top -level low -power audio ADC aims to significantly reduce power consumption, which is in line with the expected power consumption level expected by TWS and voice control equipment.

-Dolphin Design's best and unique headset DAC in the world is designed for providing ultra -low power consumption, low latency and high THD+N, and is developed specifically for TWS development with extremely critical power consumption efficiency.

-Elast -compact digital PWM DAC, which can meet many equipment that requires economic audio DACs to drive speaker amplifiers.

Dolphin Design pursues technological innovation unremittingly, and is currently at the forefront of industry leading technology.

Hakim Jaafar, vice president of marketing Dolphin Design marketing, said: "With the new series of IPs, Dolphin Design has become the first choice for low power consumption and high -performance audio IP. The determination of continuous innovation in the semiconductor IP field.

About Dolphin Design

Dolphin Design is a subsidiary of SOITEC. It is a leading semiconductor IP solution supplier. It is committed to ASIC and IP design. The target market includes defense, automobiles, industry, personal electronics and the Internet of Things.Dolphin Design's cutting -edge IP technology in artificial intelligence computing, power management, high -quality audio, power supply, and design security/stability helps thousands of customers and partners to accelerate the design cycle, promote faster listing time, and build it to build a capable listing time. Shopping products/solutions that can sustain the world in any industry challenge and support more sustainable development of the world.

Dolphin Design is customer -centric to provide excellent support for successful project results.

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