Ansonmei launched the seventh -generation IGBT intelligent power module to help reduce heating and cooling energy consumption

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  • Release on:2024-02-27

The leading company of intelligent power and intelligent perception technology ONSEMI, Nasdaq's stock code: ON), announced the launch of 1200V of the 7th generation of the 7th generation (FS7) insulation grid (IGBT). SPM31 Intelligent Power Module (IPM).Compared with other leading solutions in the market, SPM31 IPM has higher energy efficiency, smaller size, and higher power density, so the overall system cost is lower.Since these IPM integrates optimized IGBTs, it has achieved higher efficiency, so it is very suitable for three -phase frequency conversion driver applications, such as heat pumps, commercial thermoscopy (HVAC) systems, and industrial pumps and fans.


It is estimated that about 26%of global greenhouse gas emissions come from operating residential and commercial buildings, of which indirect emissions such as heating, refrigeration, and building power supply account for approximately 18%[1].Governments in the world are committed to fulfilling their energy and climate commitments, and more energy -saving and lower carbon solutions have also become increasingly important.

SPM31 IPM controls the power flow of the frequency conversion compressor and fan in the heat pump and air -conditioning system by regulating the frequency and voltage of the three -phase motor power supply to achieve excellent efficiency.For example, Ansonme's 25A SPM31 using FS7 technology has decreased by 10%compared with the previous generation of products, and the power density increases by 9%.Under the electrification trend and higher energy efficiency requirements, these modules help manufacturers significantly improve the design of heating and refrigeration systems, while improving energy efficiency.Ansonami's SPM31 IPM series products adopt FS7 technology, have better performance, achieve high energy efficiency and lower energy consumption, and further reduce global harmful emissions.

These highly integrated modules contain grille pole driver ICs, various modules built -in protection functions, and FS7 IGBT to achieve excellent thermal performance and support wide current range of 15A to 35A.The power density of SPM31 FS7 IGBT IPM is very high, which is an ideal solution to save space for installing space, improve performance expectations, and shorten the development time.In addition, the SPM31 IPM also has the following advantages:

Gallery driver and protection control

Low loss, IGBT with short circuit ability

Each phase is the IGBT half -bridge negative end to support various control algorithms

Built -in under pressure protection (UVP)

Built -in self -lifting diode and resistor

Built -in high -speed high -voltage integrated circuit

Single -connected power supply

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Application note: three -phase inverter power module 1200 V SPM31, 2 version series series series

System solution: heat pump


ONSEMI (Nasdaq's stock code: on) is committed to promoting disruptive innovation and creating a better future.The company pays attention to the general trend of the automotive and industrial terminal market, and accelerates the transformation and innovation of automotive functional electronic and automotive safety, sustainable power grids, industrial automation, and 5G and cloud infrastructure.Ansoni provides highly differentiated innovative product portfolios and intelligent power supply and intelligent perception technology to solve the world's most complicated challenges and lead the creation of a safer, cleanest and smarter world.Anson ranked in the Fortune 500 in the United States, and was also included in the Nasdaq 100 Index and the S & P 500 Index.For more information about Ansonami, please visit: