Aimus Osram launched a new 512 channel ADC for CT detectors

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  • Release on:2024-02-26

Aimus Oslang (Swiss Stock Exchange: AMS), the world's leading optical solution supplier, announced today that the first 512 channel analog digital converter (ADC) AS5912 for CT detectors (ADC), using 23mm × 15mm The compact system -level packaging solution of the Gallery Array (BGA).This ADC has a high -channel density advantage, which can make the CT module smaller pixels and make the imaging quality of the CT scanner reaches a high resolution.


AS5912 uses system -level packaging, integrates silicon wafers and power supply containers to achieve reliability, which can reduce the cost of the customer's material list (BOM), which is easy to integrate system integration.It sets an analog front end and analog digital conversion on each channel, has a low voltage variable regulator (LDO) and integrated reference voltage and temperature sensor.The automatic calibration function on the film can reduce the development of the data collection system.

At the same time, this ADC also reduces the complexity of the CT module.Especially the four -sided stitching module composed of 16 × 32PD arrays can now be connected only through AS5912.

With the same architecture as the 256 -channel AS5911 device, the power noise ratio of AS5912 reaches the best level of the same kind, so that the next -generation CT scanner can reach the best imaging quality.In low -power mode, the power consumption of each channel is 1.25MW, which reduces the self -heating effect and makes the temperature control strategy of the CT scanner easier to achieve.Noise is the key factor that determines the quality of imaging. When the input current range is 0.5 μA, the reference noise is lower than 0.29FC.

Compared with AS5911 with 256 channels, the number of channels in the new AS5912 BGA packaging has doubled, and the equivalent size of each channel is smaller.The next -generation high -performance CT scanner for medical and security requires lower complexity and higher performance. Therefore, the new AS5912 will play a key role in the next -generation high -performance CT scanner.

About ADC Product Series

After AS5900 (128 channel ADC) and AS5911 (256 channel ADC), Aimus Oslang has now launched 512 channel ADC specifically used for CT detectors.The performance of this series of products is better than the special ADC competition, and the size of the system -level packaging is smaller.The ADC series is easy to install in the appearance of various detectors including the four -sided stitching CT modules.

About Aimus Oslang

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