ADI expands cooperation with TSMC to improve the supply chain capacity and toughness

Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) announced that it has reached an agreement with the world's leading special semiconductor foundry, TSMC provided long -term chip by TSMC's holding manufacturing subsidiary of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Company ("JASM")). Production capacity.

Based on ADI -based cooperation between more than 30 years of ADI and TSMC, the agreement reached this time provides more choices for the production capacity of ADI to expand advanced process nodes to better meet the needs of key platforms in the ADI business, including wireless BMS (WBMS) and Qian Qianqian Zhaoda multimedia serial link (GMSL) application.The joint efforts of the two sides to further consolidate the ADI's strong hybrid manufacturing network, which helps reduce the impact of external factors and rapidly expand production capacity and scale to meet customer needs.

"Our hybrid manufacturing network can help provide customers with competitive advantages. By cooperating with TSMC, we can provide customers with more tough supply chains and respond quickly to customer needs through cooperation with TSMC. And changing market conditions, and focus on investment focusing on innovative manufacturing solutions that can benefit society and the earth. "

"TSMC is committed to helping customers meet its long -term capacity demand. We are glad to expand their continuous cooperation with ADI through strong manufacturing capabilities to achieve a strong and vibrant semiconductor innovation journey. ","

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