ADI announced its investment of 630 million euros to build the next generation of semiconductor research and development and manufacturing facilities in Limerik

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  • Release on:2023-05-27

The world's leading semiconductor company ANALOG Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI) announced that it will invest 630 million euros in the European regional headquarters in its Raheen Commercial Park in Irish, and plans to build a new 45,000 square foot advanced research and development and development and development.Manufacturing facilities.

The new facility will support ADI to develop the next -generation signal processing innovation technology, which aims to accelerate the digital transformation of industry, automobiles, medical care and other industries.This is expected to enable ADI's European wafers to achieve three times the existing existing, helping the company to achieve the goal of turning the internal manufacturing capabilities, in order to enhance the elasticity of the global supply chain and better meet customer needs.The investment is expected to bring 600 new jobs to ADI in the central and western Ireland.At present, ADI has 1,500 employees in Ireland and has 3,100 employees throughout Europe.

One year before this investment project, ADI announced its investment of 100 million euros to build a 100,000 -square -foot innovation cooperation base ADI Catalyst in the Park of Limerrick Park, Ireland.Ireland is also the main location of the ADI European R & D Center. Since its establishment, it has obtained more than 1,000 patents and has established ADI research and development institutions in European countries such as Spain, Italy, Britain, Romania, and Germany.

Vincent Roche, chairman and CEO of ADI board of directors, said: "Since 1976, Ireland has been an important innovation center of ADI, thanks to its strong academic and research organizations, business ecosystems, and active government leaders. Next generation.The semiconductor manufacturing facilities and the expansion of the R & D team will further expand the global influence of the ADI Limerk base. Through independent research and development, we work closely with customers and ecological chain partners.More efficient, safer, and more sustainable futures. "

This investment is part of the microelectronics and communications technology (IPCEI ME/CT) initiative of the European Union's common interest projects, and will support cross -border cooperation research.As the first application since Ireland ’s common interest project (IPCEI) startup, ADI’ s IPCEI application is supported by the Irish government through the Irish Investment Development Agency (IDA Ireland), which is currently approved by the European Commission.

"Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said:" This announcement is of great significance to Limerk and the Midwest region, marking a new chapter in the long -term cooperation between ADI and Ireland.Good news, a large number of job opportunities will be created during the construction stage, and there are 600 high -end graduates employment positions. This move can significantly expand the scale of ADI research, innovation and development, bringing high innovative new products.The government is committed to creating employment opportunities for the central and western regions. In recent years, most of the newly added job positions in IDAs are located outside the areas outside Dublin. Limerk is based on deep talent reserves, universities, airports, and infrastructure.It is particularly good. The investment will also bring a lot of derivative positions and contracts to local SMEs and Irish companies. ADI's investment is part of Ireland's dedication to developing a key project (IPCEI) for the development of Europe.The microelectronics industry border has made contributions. We are about to usher in a digital future to build such a future to participate in micro -chip. I am glad that Ireland can play such an important role in the supply chain. "

Irish Enterprise, Trade and Employment Minister Simon Coveney said: "This announcement of ADI is very popular, highlighting the confidence in Limerk and the central and western regions. It is also worth mentioning that this is a series of major major regions outside Dublin.The latest news in the announcement of the job announcement. The scale of investment and the high -quality jobs generated by this time can be described as unprecedented. I will visit ADI in Boston during this week's trade visit. I look forward to ADI to continue to start business in Ireland in the future.","

IDA Ireland CEO Michael Lohan said: "ADI will develop the technology developed at the Limeric base at the forefront of innovation, which is expected to completely change the life of billions of people around the world. The investment of ADI's investment aims to enhance the supply of advanced semiconductor craftsmanship.Chain elasticity. We wish ADI to continue to succeed and look forward to maintaining a cooperative relationship with them. This is a changeable investment for Limeric, the Midwest and the Irish semiconductor industry.The semiconductor industry has a positive influence of large -scale investment. "