Ruisa Electronics has launched two new entry -level product groups to expand the ideal combination of RA MCU products to create an ideal combination of performance, functions and values

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  • Release on:2023-03-15

Global Semiconductor Solutions Supplier Ruisa Electronics (TSE: 6723) announced today that two new product groups based on the ARM Cortex-M33 kernel and ARM TRUSTZONE-RA4E2 and RA6E2, to expand its 32-bit RA microcontroller (MCU) Product Family.The new 100-MHz main frequency RA4E2 product group and 200-MHz main frequency RA6E2 product group are optimized to achieve first-class power supply efficiency and do not affect performance at all.The new product group also has 128kb and 256KB flash memory options and 40KB SRAM. It integrates rich connection options such as CAN FD, USB, QSPI, SSI, and i3C interfaces, and provides convenient ways to upgrade to other members of the RA product family.These new products will become an ideal choice for high -performance applications such as sensing, games, wearable devices and electrical appliances in small packages.

Application requirements with limited space.In addition, the low power consumption of new equipment saves energy and enables terminal products to contribute to a greener environment.


All RA devices are supported by Ruisa's flexible configuration software package (FSP). The software package contains high -efficiency drivers and middle parts to simplify communication and enhance peripheral functions.FSP's GUI simplification accelerates the development process, which can flexibly use the original code and easily support the compatibility and expansion of other RA product family devices.Designers using FSP can also access the complete ARM ecosystem and Ruisa's extensive partner network to obtain various tools to help speed up the listing of products.

Roger Wendelken, Senior Vice President of Ruisa Electronics Internet of Things and Infrastructure Division, said: "The RA product family of Raisa continues to bring excellent performance, functions, design convenience and value to the market, and continues to surpass people's expectations. New RA4E2 and"The launch of the RA6E2 product group is a typical example of many users who use RA product families as their preferred MCU series. We firmly believe that these products will meet the needs of various applications, and many R & D personnel will also choose RA product family in future design","

Yole Group Calculation and Software Chief Market and Technical Analyst Tom Hackenberg said: "Micro -controllers have accounted for more than 90%of the processor shipments, and the application fields of these MCUs are more diverse.Continuous expansion can provide more users in more markets with the best device for extensive and specific applications. "


RA4E2 MCU product group

The RA4E2 product group provides five different options, from 32 pins to 64 pins packaging, as small as 4mm x 4mm size, and 128kb flash memory and 40KB SRAM.The RA4E2 device has excellent active power consumption performance. When it is performed at a speed of 100MHz, the power consumption is 82 μA/MHz.In addition, it also has an extended operating temperature range of -40/105 ° C.The RA4E2 product group is an ideal choice for cost -sensitive applications and other high -performance, low power consumption, and the best combination system for small packaging dimensions.

The key features of the RA4E2 product group

100 MHz ARM Cortex-M33 CPU kernel

128kb integrated flash memory; 40KB RAM

Support wide temperature range: TA = -40/105 ° C

32 pin to 64 pin packaging options

Low -power operation: In the operating mode of 100 MHz frequency, the power consumption is 82 μA / MHz

Integrated communication options, including USB 2.0 full -speed device, SCI, SPI, i3C, HDMI CEC, SSI and Can FD

Reduce system cost through internal oscillator, rich GPIO, high -end simulation function, low voltage detection and internal reset function

RA6E2 MCU product group

The RA6E2 product group MCU has a performance of 200 MHz, including 10 different devices, from 32 pins to 64 pin packaging, as small as 4mm x 4mm size, from 128kb to 256kb flash memory, and 40KB SRAM.The RA6E2 device has excellent power consumption characteristics, as well as extensive peripherals and connection options, which provides a unique combination of performance and functions.

The key features of the RA6E2 product group

200 mHz ARM Cortex-M33 CPU kernel

128kb to 256KB optional integrated flash memory; 40KB RAM

32 pin to 64 pin packaging options

Low -power operation: In the operating mode of 200 MHz frequency, the power consumption is 80 μA / MHz

Integrated communication options, including USB 2.0 full -speed device, SCI, SPI, i3C, HDMI CEC, SSI, QSPI and Can FD

Integrated timer

High -level simulation function

Successful product portfolio

Ryesa combined the RA6E2 MCU and other compatible devices in its product combination, and designed a complete additional voice user interface (VUI) solution.As a modular solution, it can be easily added to any applications that need to be voice user interfaces such as smart thermostats or electrical appliances.Among them, the RA6E2 MCU is responsible for handling all tasks, so it will not have a burden on the host MCU.The above are only one of the many "successful product portfolios" in Risa."Successful product portfolio", as a complete system architecture verified by engineering, optimizes and combine mutual compatible Risa devices to reduce user design risks.Ruisa has launched more than 300 "successful product portfolios" based on various products in its product lineup, allowing customers to accelerate the design process and push its products to the market faster.For more information, please visit:

Risa MCU advantage

As the global excellent MCU product supplier, the average annual shipment of MCUs of Ruisa Electronics has exceeded 3.5 billion, of which about 50%are used in the automotive field, and the rest are used in industry, the Internet of Things, and data centers and communication foundations.Facilities and other fields.Ruisa Electronics has a wide range of 8 -bit, 16 -bit, and 32 -bit product portfolios. It is an excellent 16 -bit and 32 -bit MCU supplier in the industry. The products provided have excellent quality and efficiency and excellent performance.At the same time, as a trusted supplier, Ruisa Electronics has decades of MCU design experience, and uses the dual source production model, the industry's advanced MCU process technology, and the huge system composed of more than 200 ecosystem partners.backing.For more information about Ruisa Electronic MCU, please visit:

Embedded World Exhibition Exhibition Information

Ruisa will display the new RA4E2 and RA6E2 devices in the 2023 Embedded World Exhibition Hall No. 1 in the 2023 Embedded World Exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany from March 14th to 16th.

Supply information

All new RA4E2 and RA6E2 MCUs are now available.Ruisa also provides separate evaluation kits and fast prototype development boards for the two MCU products groups.For more information, please visit: https: // and https: //

About Risa Electronics

Ruisa Electronics (TSE: 6723), technology makes life easier, and is committed to creating a more secure, smarter and sustainable future.As a global micro -controller supplier, Ruisa Electronics integrates professional knowledge in embedded processing, simulation, power supply and connection to provide complete semiconductor solutions.Successful product portfolio accelerates the listing of automotive, industry, infrastructure and IoT applications, and empowers billions of networking intelligent equipment to improve people's work and lifestyle.For more information, please visit the Ruisa Electronic WeChat public account and find more exciting content.