$ 130 million!British big pen purchase of such chips

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  • Release on:2023-08-21

21st, according to reports, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak plans to spend 100 million pounds (about $ 130 million) to purchase thousands of high -performance artificial intelligence chips.It is reported that British government officials have always discussed with IT giants such as Nvidia, AMD and Intel to purchase chips for the so -called "national artificial intelligence research resources".This work is led by the UK Research and Innovation of scientific funding institutions and is believed to have entered the later stage of negotiation with Nvidia.Britain will purchase 5,000 GPUs.

People familiar with the matter revealed that the funds of 100 million pounds have been allocated, and officials are urging the British Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt to allocate more funds in the next few months.

Sunak outlines the plan for Britain to become an artificial intelligence superpowers, but in terms of computing resources required for training, testing and operation complex models, Britain seriously lags behind the United States and Europe.

The British "Financial Times" reported that Saudi Arabia purchased at least 3,000 Nvidia H100 chips at least about $ 40,000 each; technology giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc. are also competing for tens of thousands of required chips.In addition, NVIDIA reports that it is expected to ship 5,50000 latest H100 GPUs globally in 2023.The demand for the GPU obviously comes from the generatory AI boom, but the HPC market is also competing for these accelerators.

The British "Daily Telegraph" pointed out that "it is unclear which type of chip the United Kingdom is buying."

*Disclaimer: The news of this article originated from the Science and Technology Board Daily and The Telegraph. It was organized by Huaqiang Microelectronics. The news was not officially confirmed and for exchanges and learning.