1 trillion orders!Component giant factories expand production!

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  • Release on:2024-02-19

The latest news, the industry's large factories and research institutions believe thatMLCC(Multi -layer ceramic capacitors) The long -term demand will maintain growth. As smartphones, automobiles, communication equipment, IoT, AI servers and other terminal requirements increase, various MLCC capacitors will be pulled.Although MLCC is still in the process of destocking, passive component plants such as Murata and Guojun have recently announced that the MLCC production plan has been announced.

Izumo, a subsidiary of MurataVillageThe production office said that the purchase of land purchase has been launched and planned to build a new factory in Shimagen Prefecture, Japan, and the target is completed in 2030. However, the scale of new manufacturers and investment is still under evaluation. Increasing yield.

On the other hand, after the merger of Jimei and Pusi, Guoshi already owns dozens of production plants overseas. The company is optimistic about the demand for high -end MLCCs and will build the sixth factory area in Taiwan, China. In the future production line.However, details such as mass production time and production capacity planning are still under planning.In the short term, the National Giant "Dafa Third Factory" was put into production in the first quarter of 2024, and its production capacity was mainly high -end MLCC capacitors.

Passive componentChannel Merchants Ri Japan Trade Group stated that it is expected that the MLCC market demand in 2023 is about 5 trillion yuan, and it will climb to 6 trillion pieces by 2026. AI servers and electric vehicles such as high -end applications are the main momentum.

According to the data, the amount of MLCC of an AI server can reach 3,000 to 4,000, and the amount of electric vehicles is 1 to 15,000. The car products require large size and high reliability. 3 ordinary MLCC capacitors.In addition, in a smartphone, the MLCC dosage is about 1200 ~ 1500, and the MLCC dosage in the general laptop is about 1,000.

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