The Chinese PC market is expected to stabilize in 2023

International e -commerce sentiment on the 13th. In the latest report, the PC (desktop machine, notebook and workstation) shipments will tend to stabilize in 2023.The level of shipment.

CANALYS's recent research shows that in 2022, the total shipments of PCs (desktop, notebooks and workstations) in mainland China in 2022 were sluggish, and fell 26%year -on -year in the fourth quarter.The shipping volume of desktop (including desktop workstations) decreased 3.7 million units, a decrease of 34%, and the shipments of laptops (including mobile workstations) decreased by 22%to 8.5 million units.However, due to the promotion of new equipment for major suppliers, tablet shipments increased by 39%to 7.5 million units in the fourth quarter.By 2022, the shipments of PC (desktop, laptop and workstation) will reach 48.5 million units, a 15%decrease from the level in 2021.The estimate of Canalys shows that tablet shipments increased by 6%to 24 million units year -on -year, which is due to the surge in demand caused by the stoppage of work in the whole year last year.

"Despite the fierce market adjustment, the Canadian computers (including mobile workstations) and tablet computers in the Canadian computers are still higher than the level before the epidemic," said Emma Xu, an analyst of Canalys analyst.As more and more smartphone suppliers join the game, the supplier pattern of laptop and tablet markets is still unstable. We expect competition in the field of Android tablets to be more intense, because these new entrants are ambitious to seize the market, Lave the road ecosystem strategy for their connectors. "

Canalys is expected to be PC (desktop, notebooks, and workstations) in 2023, and the shipment volume will be about 48.3 million units, which will maintain a similar shipping level to 2022.As the local economy is gradually recovering, it is expected that the business sector will rebound 10%in 2023.The consumer field will still decrease by 9%because it is expected to recover until the fourth quarter.Canalys is expected to increase by 15%in 2023 to 17.3 million units, while laptop (including mobile workstations) will drop by 7%to 30.9 million units.In the field of tablet computers, consumer demand will be eased in view of the popularity of the past three years; due to the development of commercial applications, this category will drop by 8%to 22.1 million by 2023.