Shipping over 100 million pieces!Such domestic MCUs can be PIN to Pin replace ST

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  • Release on:2023-12-06

As one of the core of the control of electronic products, the MCU (microcontroller, commonly known as single -chip microcomputer) play an indispensable role in the development of modern society.

Not afraid of industry adjustment, multi -segments have achieved adversity growth

In terms of market size, according to data from IC Insights, the global MCU market size in 2021 will be about 19.6 billion US dollars. It is expected that the compound growth rate of 6.7%will be maintained in the next 5 years. By 2026, the market size will reach US $ 27.2 billion.

Although the market space is broad, due to the low entry threshold, there are currently a large number of MCU manufacturers in the entire industry. It is also very difficult to grow bigger and stronger in extremely intense industry competition.After years of development and mergers and acquisitions, according to YOLE's data, in the MCU market, the three companies: British Fei Ling, Risa and NXP are tied for the top three with a share of 18%. Although the top five manufacturers do not have a unique company , But the total proportion accounts for 81.5%of the overall market share of MCU.

When talking about the current industry competition pattern, Zeng Guangming, deputy general manager of Xiaohua Semiconductor, pointed out: At present, the larger proportion of the MCU market is the international brands represented by Yingfei, NXP, and Risa.However, with the continuous growth of domestic terminal customers in the control of supply chain autonomy, it is expected that the market share of domestic MCU manufacturers will continue to increase in the future.Among them, in the field of consumption MCU, the localization in 2023 has been around 50%, and it is expected that this proportion will increase to 95%by 2030. In the field of home appliances, especially high -end home appliances, the current domestic MCU accounts for about 15%. It is expected that it is expected By 2030, this proportion will rise to 85%; in the field of industrial MCUs, the localization rate of 2023 will be around 20%, and it is expected that by 2030, it will rise further to 85%. In addition, with the rise of domestic car brands, 2020 The domestic car MCU has developed rapidly since the year, and it has currently accounted for 10%. It is expected that this proportion will rise further to 70%by 2030.


Source: Xiaohua Semiconductor

Since the Q2 of 2022, the MCU price has been adjusted due to the weakening of consumer electronics represented by mobile phones, PCs, etc., and MCU prices have begun to adjust.Since then, the downturn of consumer electronics has gradually spread to the field of Internet of Things and industrial, and the entire industry has entered a downward cycle.Time has reached 2023Q3. After more than a year of cycle adjustment, the current stock water level of major manufacturers has declined significantly during peak hours.However, when the demand is not clear, most of the manufacturers still perform very much in Q3's performance.

Internationally, the performance growth rate of the top five MCU manufacturers in the world has begun to slow. Among them, the two companies, Risa Electronics and NXP Semiconductor, have begun to decline year -on -year in the first three quarters of 2023; in the domestic market, due to China's Signson MCU manufacturers such as Yi Innovation, Zhongying Electronics, Xinhai Technology, Sino -Micro -Director, and National Technology are mainly based on home appliances, consumer electronics, and the Internet of Things. The common performance in the quarter is not very good.

Judging from the comparison of revenue in the first three quarters of this year, Zhaoyi Innovation, Zhongying Electronics, National Technology, Sino -Micro Semi -Director, and Xinhai Technology's revenue in the first three quarters of this year fell 35.08%, 26.55%, 18.66%, 8.72, 8.72 respectively. %And 41.56%, while Xiaohua Semiconductor's revenue increased by 8.10%year -on -year in the first three quarters of this year. It is a rare manufacturer in the MCU industry to achieve adversity growth in the industry.

Zeng Guangming said that in addition, in terms of inventory amount, Xiaohua's current inventory amount is about 250 million. Compared with other friends, the inventory water level is still relatively low.From the perspective of more important inventory turnover indicators, Xiaohua's turnover rate is about 1.6 times, which is also significantly higher than other manufacturers. It is in a very benign operating condition.