Ruisa Electronics completes Panthronics acquisition

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  • Release on:2023-06-05

Global Semiconductor Solutions Supplier Ruisa Electronics (TSE: 6723) today announced the acquisition of Panthronics AG (Panthronics ", a Panthronics AG (herein" focusing on high -performance wireless products.Japan Standard time on June 2, 2023, and the Summer Summer time of 2023 was successfully completed.Ruisa Electronics also announced the design of 13 "successful product portfolios" solutions to combine Ruisa Electronics products with Panthronics' unique near -field communication (NFC) technology, showing the continuous expansion of the Ruisa electronic product lineup, especially in particular, especially inConnect the field.

"We are very happy to welcome the Panthronics team to join Risa Electronics and announced the technical collaboration between 13 display companies on the same day.Successful product portfolio. These successful product portfolios combine Ruisa's extensive embedded processing, power supply, connection and simulation products with the NFC technology of Panthronics to provide customers with a cross -key NFC solution. "

NFC is widely used in our daily life, and is expected to grow in industry and automobile applications.Panthronics is headquartered in Graz, Austria. It has been committed to providing an easy -to -apply, small and efficient advanced NFC chipset and software for payment, the Internet of Things, asset tracking and wireless charging.

The acquisition allowed Ruisa Electronics to grasp its own capabilities of the growing NFC market opportunities.With Panthronics ’NFC expertise and senior engineers, Ruisa Electronics can provide customers with extensive connection solutions in the development of financial technology, the Internet of Things, and automobiles.

In order to display the company's technical advantages immediately, Ruisa Electronics announced 13 successful product portfolios to combine the embedded processing, power supply, connection and simulation products of Ruisa Electronics with the unique NFC technology of Panthronics.These market -oriented reference designs enable customers to start the development of NFC systems immediately at a very small cost and time.Panthronics's products are also a standardized hardware platform that is also a standardized hardware platform that is a part of the Quick-Connect Studio system design."Put" function can quickly and easily add the functions and characteristics of the user.

13 successful product portfolios using Ruisa Electronics and Panthronics products:

Smart NFC access control system

Mobile sales (POS) terminal

High -performance electric vehicle (EV) charger wall -mounted

Measurement electric vehicle (EV) charging station

Single -phase meter

Green 3 -phase smart meter

Single board computer

High -performance human -machine interface (HMI) system

Human -machine interface (HMI) solution for household appliances

IoT Communication Gateway Center

Ultra-low power consumption Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low energy consumption smart lock

Personal safety chase Z

Printer control panel with NFC authentication

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In addition to the existing more than 400 successful product portfolios, the new Ruisa electronics successful product portfolio includes box diagrams, product information, samples and purchase information.To learn more, please visit:

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