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  • Release on:2022-11-24

Huawei Mate 50 was selected into the National Museum

CNMO News on October 17th, recently, some netizens exposed Huawei Mate50 mobile phones displayed by the National Museum. Judging from the photos released by netizens, Mate50 and Beidou cycling codes and explosion -proof Beidou No. 3 high

The accuracy positioning handheld terminal and smart tablet are placed in a showcase.

In terms of the official annotation of Mate50, "the first mobile phone supporting the Beidou 3 short newspaper communication service". The official introduction also shows that the world's first global first support Direct Satellite Langle, officially released on September 6, 2022

Believe Volkswagen Smartphone. In mainland China, Volkswagen users can send geographical locations and emergency information through the Beidou III short -than -no -ground network without ground network.


Source: CNMO

The Huawei Mate50 series has been released for more than a month, which has caused netizens to sought up, and the high -profile version has been in a short time for a long time. According to Huawei, the Mate50 series is the world's first "consumer mobile phone" Beidou satellite short newspaper hand

Machines, users need to activate in the environment with ground networks, and can be used without ground networks since then. For example, in the case where deserts, deep mountains, and beaches have no ground network coverage, users can pass

The Beidou satellite conveys short information and geographical location to the outside world for easy rescue. Huawei provides 30 free quotas per month, which is enough to seek help normally.

This time, it was not Huawei products to enter the National Museum for the first time. According to netizens, it was shot that in July this year, the National Museum collected a number of chips such as Huawei Kirin 980, Baron 5000, and Shengteng 310. Unicorn

980 is the world's first 7nm process process, laying a solid foundation for the later Kirin 990 and Kirin 9000; Balong 5000 is Huawei's first independent 5G baseband.

NSA and SA dual -mold 5G networks have launched the first domestic 5G mobile phone with Kirin 980.