NAND flash memory continues, MCU destocking bottom is right

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  • Release on:2024-04-03

1. Institution: NAND flash memory contract price will continue to rise

According to fast technology, although the procurement of NAND flash memory in the second quarter was slightly lower than the first quarter, due to the continued impact of upstream production reduction and the decline in suppliers' inventory levels, flash memory contract prices are expected to continue to rise.The research agency TrendForce released the latest report. The consumer SSD price is expected to rise again, and the increase is expected to be between 10%-15%.

The report is expected that the EMMC contract price in the second quarter will increase 10%-15%in the quarter, and the contract price of the overall SSD product of the consumer-level SSD is expected to rise by 10-15%.NAND flash memory wafers are weak due to the weak demand in the retail market. The increase is expected to narrow significantly compared with the previous quarter, only 5-10%.

2.industry: The MCU destocking will fall in the second quarter

According to the CICC Daily, the Taiwan Electronics Times was quoted, with the agency and client inventory gradually adjusted.Microcontroller(MCU) Industry is expected to return to a healthy water level in the second quarter of 2024. At the same time, the market price will continue to be adjusted in the cost structure.

3. UMC will be the new iPhone founding antenna modulechip

According to the relevant reports of Fast Technology, the 3D IC technology developed by UMC has finally shined after years of 3D IC technology, and successfully wonappleThe key to the new iPhone antenna modulechipOEM.It is reported that the number of films is as high as tens of thousands of films, which marks that after UMC's successoring for Lianyong foundry to drive IC to supply Apple, it has made major breakthroughs in the field of Apple's key chip foundry.

This time, UMC can win this order, which stems from itapplePower amplifier (PA) Xieli FactoryQorvoTight cooperation.Qorvo's new iPhone antenna component carefully designed for Apple not only integrates advanced new newchip, And cleverly matchedQorvoThe power amplifier provides apples with excellent performance.

4. Group Lianlian and Crystal Cardiology ECU field

According to the Taiwan Industrial and Commercial Times of China, the NAND flash memory main control of the original factory parties revealed that the future electric vehicle architecture has been exchanged with the international manufacturers, and more SOCs will be integrated in the central control system in the future.At present, it has jointly created an enterprise server solution with Crystal Cardiology, and in the future, it will be used to attack the car.

The two sides actively obtain more auto regulations to ensure functional security, including ISO26262, ASPICE CL3.Qunlian pointed out that the growth rate of vehicles has grown rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 30%. The market share of the NAND control IC has reached 40%in the car. It will progress to the next stage. It has also obtained Design-in more than 20 international auto factories.

5. NXP launches an open S32 Corridecarsoftware platform

On March 28, NXP announced the launchcar(SDV) Integrated obstacles in development.This platform can significantly simplify the complexity of automobile architecture development and help car manufacturers and first -level suppliers reduce costs.

At the same time, NXP also launched the first S32 Cerride central computing solution based on the new S32N series vehicle ultra -high integration processor.The solution provides a safe, scalable, and real -time application processing function, while integrated vehicle network functions.NXRcarThe manufacturer cooperates with the first -level suppliers and publicly launches the S32 Cerride platform.Mass -producing cars using the S32 Corride platform function are under development, and the first batch will be available in 2027.

6.semiconductorroll outST4E1240 series RS-485 transceiver

March 28, Italian Fasemiconductor(ST) The launch of the ST4E1240 RS-485 transceiver, which has a speed of 40Mbit/s, a compatible output of Profibus, and the protection of transient and heat insertion, providing a powerful and reliable RS-485 signal for modern and high-performance industrial applications.

ST4E1240 RS-485 transceiver is meaning methodsemiconductorPart of the 10 -year service life plan can ensure long -term product support.At present, this product is mass production. There are SO-8 4.9 mm x 3.91 mm packaging. The price of 1,000 orders is $ 0.81.STE -store offers free samples.

7.MicrochipExpand the serial SRAM product line

Local time on March 28th,MicrochipIt has expanded its serial SRAM product line, including a larger density of up to 4 MB, and increased the speed of SPI/SQI to 143 MHz.The 2MB and 4MB devices are designed to provide a low -cost alternative solution for the traditional parallel SRAM, and it includes optionalBatteryBackup switching circuit to retain data during power loss.In terms of pricing, the starting price of 2MB and 4MB serial SRAM devices is $ 1.60 per 10,000 units.