Microchip has announced its investment in $ 800 million in Oregon to expand its production, and its production capacity will increase three times

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  • Release on:2023-03-22

According to news on March 14, Microchip, a large chip factory, announced that it will invest 800 million US dollars to expand production in the Gresham factory in Oregon. The goal is to increase the planned milestone for three times the capacity.As an important process of large -scale manpower expansion and capital equipment investment, these achievements are to cope with the growing demand for semiconductors of various industries and promote Microchip to greatly improve the overall production capacity in the United States.

It is reported that in 2002, Microchip spent $ 184 million to purchase a wafer fab in GRESHAM. Previously, about half of the area had not yet been developed.Last year, there were rumors that Microchip was considering the expansion of production in Gresham in Oregon and building a second wafer plant.

Microchip currently has more than 900 employees in its GRESHAM Park, and another 300 contractor works on the spot.The work provided from production specialists to technical related positions in equipment and process, facilities and management.Steve Drehobl, a senior vice president of Microchip 8bit and 16bit product departments, said that Microchip established the GRESHAM factory more than 20 years ago. It is still our largest and most advanced production facilities.Key elements.The 800 million US dollar expansion plan will allow Microchip to provide better services for global customers.

Microchip President and CEO Ganesh Moorthy said that they must specially recognize the Microchip Gresham team for their investment and efforts in this expansion, and thanks to Oleger and its candidate officials for their support for approval investment in order to achieve this achievement.Our steady growth fully shows the critical level of the semiconductor industry, as well as the importance of subsidies for US companies to maintain global fair competition.

Microchip pointed out that by cooperating with the Oregon Economic Development Agency, Gresham and Multnomah, Microchip has been allowed to obtain an expansion award of about $ 42.4 million in the state and local area.

Senator Ron Wyden said that for Gresham, this good news has opened a new chapter for Oregon's semiconductor industry. The new federal "Chip and Science Act" has created a benefit local area in the form of high salaries and economic investment."I am honored to include this semiconductor bill into the law last year and will continue to promote in all aspects to ensure that Oregon residents and employment of their semiconductor companies benefit from this milestone legislation."

Oregon Governor Tina Kote K said that Oregon is an excellent center of the US semiconductor manufacturing.Microchip's attention to economic development has contributed to expanding investment in Gresham.This is the common victory of cities, states and countries.It will bring high salaries to the community, not only to keep Oregon's leading position in chip production, but also strengthen my country's manufacturing, supply chain and national A.

So far, Microchip has added 300 new employees to its Gresham factory and plans to recruit as many as 300 employees in the next few years.In addition, substantive progress has been made in its expansion and promotion of the GRTSHAM park, which covers an area of 140 acres, 830,000 square feet, and will produce more microcontrollers, simulation and safety products.As part of investment, Microchip adds two clean rooms and more than 160 new manufacturing equipment for its 8 -inch wafer fab.

Representative Earl Blumenauer said that Microchip continues to focus on making traditional chips -small, ubiquitous microcontrollers and simulation products, and is used in almost all types of electronic equipment such as cars and electric bicycles, household appliances, industrial motors.The growth of these products is essential for increasing local work in Oregon, increasing household income, and strengthening the local supply chain in the United States.

Travis Stovall, mayor of Graisham City, pointed out that "this expansion is a huge achievement for Grams, which will provide large -scale employment opportunities to contribute to the prosperous economy of our city. We are very grateful to have thisThe opportunity to cooperate with Microchip Technology is also very grateful to Oregon MPs for their full support in promoting this important work. "