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High Side Driver is also called the high -edge switch, placed between power and loads for control applications.

The demand for high -edge drivers has continued to increase, and the trend of replacement of traditional fuse+relay solutions has been formed

As an ideal choice for smart switches, high -edge switches are usually composed of DMOS power transistors and CMOS logical circuits, which can achieve comprehensive built -in protection to prevent overload, dynamic overvoltage, short circuit, ultra -temperature, ground loss, power loss, static discharge, etc. The emergence of the situation has now been widely used in scenarios such as automobiles and industries such as high reliability requirements.

In the automotive field, the high -edge switch can be used in the driver of various resistance, sensuality and capacity loads in the body control domain. Its applications inside and outside the car are widely used, including the interior lights, head and tail lights, seats and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels and steering wheels. The number of scenes such as heating, solenoid valve, door lock, motor and other scenarios have been huge.

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A new energy vehicle has about 90 channels. Whether it is inside or outside the car, a large number of high -edge switch products are needed.Among them, lighting products are currently the largest subdivided application scenarios. Whether it is headlights, taillights, or interior lights in the car, welcome lights, indicator lights, projection lights, etc. These lights need to be driven by high -edge switches to drive, switching and switching And protection.

Fan Tianwei, the director of the analog semiconductor market, introduced,

As a multi -functional digital hybrid product, the high -side driver involves many complex technologies such as PowerFet, Controller, power supply, and sensors. Safety occurs.

Therefore, at present, the automotive industry mainly focuses on the characteristics of the loads such as obstacle, sensuality, and capacity for a high -edge product.Among the three major load types, the simplest is the obstructive load, and its load characteristics are relatively stable.It tests the internal resistance in the high -edge driver. The lower the internal resistance, the greater the resistance and higher the rated current; the capacity load generates a large surge current at the beginning. The current is often far smaller than the wave current, so the design of the current -limiting protection of the capacity load is a challenge; and the perceptual load is the most complicated, and the strong energy release during the shutdown. Once the reverse electromotive force generates Destructive consequences.Therefore, the test of emotional test is high -side negative pressure and EAS capabilities. When designing high -edge switches, special design and testing are often required for sensual loads.

In recent years, with the continuous development of new energy vehicles, the continuous development of new energy vehicles, intelligence, and networking, the functions of cars have become more and more complicated.These functions require different loads and different actuators to complete.Therefore, the number of electronic devices brought by cars is increasing.

Fan Tianwei pointed out: In 2022, my country's fuel vehicle sales were 19.977 million, and the average number of channels using high -side channels was 35.The number of new energy vehicles is 6.887 million, and the number of high -side drive products is 75.Last year, the potential market for high -side driving products, which were both fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles, was about 1.4 to 1.5 billion yuan, and the sales amount had reached 650 million yuan.With the development of new energy vehicles, the number of cycling channels is also increasing.By this year, the high -edge switch of new energy vehicles has risen to 90 channels on the basis of 75 last year.Therefore, it is expected that the number of high -side switch channels this year will rise to about 2 billion in the Chinese market, with a amount of about 1.1 billion yuan.We predict that by 2025, with the penetration rate of new energy vehicles, the scale of the Chinese market will further increase to 25 to 3.5 billion yuan, and the overall development prospects will be very optimistic.

The growing market for high -side switches has attracted many players.Internationally, automotive semiconductor manufacturers such as Yingfei Ling, Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Enshiru, and Rom have currently deployed in the field of high -edge switches.Among them, Yingfei Ling, as the main technical pioneer in this field, currently has the highest market share, reaching about 40%; in the domestic market, high -edge switch manufacturers are still in its infancy, with fewer overall categories, and points are based on points. The small current and high internal resistance products of the state are mainly.

In the high -edge switch industry, the leader is international manufacturers such as Yingfei Ling and ST.Like ST and Yingfei, the integrated vertical process can be used, which can achieve higher process integration and cover different channels, including 1 channel, 2 channels, 4 channels, 6 channels. Basically, their products are their products is The most complete.Some international manufacturers are plane technology. There is a problem with the plane process. The Die Size itself is relatively large, and it is not easy to make the power density high.Once it is made, its Package will be very large and the cost will be very high. Therefore, most of the products of international manufacturers are mainly based on 4 channels, 2 channels, and 1 channel products around 100 mm or more. At present, small current products of high RDSON products with 4 channels, 2 channels, and even 1 channels are mainly concentrated in 80 mm or more. They are often used in the power distribution of some small light switches and small power supply.On the whole, the products of domestic manufacturers are relatively scattered at present, and there is no way to achieve vertical manufacturing technology like Yingfei Ling in China.