Explosion!This type of chip has doubled revenue and earned

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  • Release on:2023-09-23

With the sharp growth of market demand, nitride is continuously extending from low -power scenarios to medium -high power scenarios.

Recently, the reporter of the "Entering the Industrial Chain" column reporter interviewed Zeng Chen, the general manager of the future sales general manager in the field of nitrogen in the field of nitrogen, and discussed in the context of the vigorous development of the third -generation semiconductor represented by nitrogen and other. At present, the rapid development of the power segment of nitride in the future.

It is understood that in the future, it was established in 2020. It focuses on the application of wide -zone semiconductor nitrogen nitrogen -nitrogen -nitrogen -nitrogen.In recent years, the company's development momentum has become increasingly dazzling, and the 650V and 900V series have been developed for a variety of small power (<300W)、中功率(300W~1kW)和大功率(1kW~10kW)GaN功率器件,广泛应用于消费电子、电动工具、数据中心、便携储能、微型逆变器、电动汽车、智能电网和工业市场等领域。

The value of nitride is continuously increased.

As an outstanding representative of the third -generation semiconductor material, nitrogen -nitride power chip can enable the charger to have obvious advantages such as high charging efficiency, fast heat dissipation, and small compact volume. Strong demand.

Beginning in 2018, Nitride Fast Charger has begun to enter the domestic market, and then has been used in the field of mobile phone fast filling in around 2020, achieving the first small peak of the nitride industry.Until now, the nitride charger is getting smaller and smaller while the volume is getting larger and larger. From the initial 5W to now more than 300W, and the amount of nitride chip has also increased from 1 to 2-4 pieces of 2-4 pieces. The value has increased by 1-3 times.

In terms of small -power scenarios, 来 In the future, 33W, 65W, 120W, 140W, 200W, 240W, 330W and other series of 650V GAN chips have been launched. Ship in large quantities.

Taking the 140W PD fast charging as an example, this solution uses the next G1N65R150PB +2 G1N65R240PB nitride chip, which uses the PFC +AHB architecture to perform topology and control. The input voltage range is 90 ~ 264VAC, and the output is 28V/5A. , 20V/7A, the peak efficiency can reach 95.08%, the size is 57mm x 57mm x 24mm, and the power density is 1.79W/CM3 (PCBA). While meeting the high-frequency miniaturization of the market, it is compared to similar SI-MOS solutions. It can reduce 70%and increase efficiency by 2%.