Environmental sensor market, which direction is 2023 developing in the past?

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  • Release on:2023-10-17

The macroeconomic is poor, and the overall decline in the electronics industry has a great impact on participants in all aspects of the industry.However, although the market has continued to decline for more than this year, almost all companies we interview have maintained good confidence in the future.

For example, at the Sensor China exhibition not long ago, Pascal Gerner, the product director of Sensirion at the media meeting, said on the media meeting: "Economic fluctuations are normal. During the downlink period, we bring a new new period. The timing of technology is ready for the next upward rise. "" We believe that the economy will recover soon, and now the trend of de -fossil fuel and carbon reduction related to energy will not change. "

Participated in the Sensor China exhibition this time and held a media meeting. Sheng Sirui mainly pushed an ambient sensor module called Sen6X.Based on the characteristics of this sensor, we can also see from it. From the perspective of Sheng Sirui, from the global energy saving emission reduction and dual carbon trend, today's environmental sensors will develop based on what kind of trajectory will be developed.

Optimistic about two directions: car and safety housing

Sheng Siri's main products include environmental sensors (air & water) and fluid sensors (gas & liquid).From the 20122 report of Sheng Sirui, the company's annual revenue was 321.7 million Swiss francs, a year -on -year increase of 11.9%; GROSS Margin was 59.2%, and operating profits were 74.4 million Swiss franc.

In the financial report, the company cuts the market into automobiles, medical, industry, and consumption.Among them, the industrial market is the big head of its revenue last year, accounting for nearly half.From the geographical location, the APAC Asia -Pacific region is the main revenue, but it does not exceed the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa).