Don't be afraid to reduce the price!A domestic chip replaces three Ti!

Simulation chip refers to a chip that is responsible for processing sound, light, and temperature, which is essential in the electronic system.

Recently, the reporter of the "Entering the Industrial Chain" column in China interviewed Huang Hai, the CEO of Ling Silicon, the emerging enterprise of the domestic simulation chip, and discussed the development of the rapid development of domestic simulation chips. The way.

Product power consumption is reduced by 70%!Realized domestic alternative of laser radar key ADC chips

It is understood that Lingsilian was established in 2018. It is a specialized specialty of research and development, design and sales of high -tech barriers such as ADC and BMS AFE.Relying on the deep accumulation of simulation chip technology, the company has launched a variety of high -quality products to the market, which is widely used in areas with high value -added areas such as laser radar, instrument, electric tools, electric two -wheeled vehicles, and small energy storage.

From the perspective of the sub -line, ADC is a bridge connecting the real world and the digital world. It belongs to the most difficult part of analog chip.

The indicators that measure the performance of ADC mainly include sampling rate and conversion accuracy.Among them, the sampling rate represents an analog signal of how much bandwidth can be converted, and the bandwidth corresponds to the maximum frequency in the simulation signal spectrum. The conversion accuracy represents the resolution. The higher the conversion accuracy, the smaller the difference between the transition signal and the original signal.However, the speed and accuracy of ADC are the relationship between each other. Generally speaking, the two cannot be both.In addition to the rate and accuracy, other important performance indicators of ADC also include signal -to -noise ratio, power consumption, noise, and warm drift.

In the field of ADC, based on the deep technical reserves of the founding team, the first 1G 8bit ADC product developed by Lingsili Micro can reach 1G, the effective conversion accuracy is 7bit, the power consumption is only 400MW, the chip size is 7mm*7 mm, which has the size High -speed, high -precision, small volume, ultra -low power consumption, ultra -wide working temperature range and other characteristics.As China's first 1G 8bit ADC product, after the successful film was successful in 2019, it received millions of yuan.Since then, the company has successively obtained head orders in industry head customers such as lidar, instrumentation, etc., and has revenue in 2022 that it has been around 10 million.