Domestic car regulations UWB's first!New Risin NRT81750 UWB chip passed third-party AEC-Q100 car certification

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  • Release on:2023-11-29

The nation's first UWB chip certified by AEC-Q100 car is officially announced. Nuorin Ursamajor's "Big Corporal" NRT81750 is available!


The auto regulations are led by the China Saibao Laboratory of the Fifth Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. After its authoritative testing, Nuorin UWB positioning communication system chip NRT81750 successfully passed the AEC-Q100 car regulations in November 2023 in November 2023 Reliability certification, which means that the quality and reliability of Newer Case -level chip products have been recognized by the international authoritative certification system.


Figure: Mr. Wan Juyong, the Fifth Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, issued a certificate to Dr. New Risin Chen Zhenzhen

Prior to this, there were only two or three UWB chips of international manufacturers passed the auto regulations for authentication. The domestic UWB chip still had a hurdle to really enter the car market. Nuorin took the lead in this step. Breakthrough.At the same time, the NRT81750 is also the world's first car -level UWB chip certified by the FIRA Alliance. It is also the only UWB car chip with three independent receiving channels.Compared with single -channel and dual channels, the NRT81750 can achieve better full -space angle measurement, support the cost -effective single anchor point or anchor reduction point digital vehicle key solution, support digital key and radar perception functions at the same time. Main performances such as accuracy and radar sensitivity lead the international mainstream international competitive products that have been mass -produced and upcoming.


Figure: NRT81750 FIRA Alliance Certificate

The NRT81750 is one of the first products of Nuorin Ursamajor UWB SOC for the Electronics 700 series. It was released in the first half of 2023 and has now achieved mass production.At the beginning of the project, the product was strictly positioned at the level of vehicle regulations, and the design, production and quality control in accordance with the standards of vehicle regulations and car regulations.When the product was released, New Ricin solemnly announced that the high -performance and high -reliability UWB chip we made by car is serious and serious.The New Rockchin team does not happen to be a coincidence, and proves it with practical actions.

The NRT81750 certification process has passed the full series of AEC-Q100 vehicles such as environmental pressure acceleration testing, service life simulation test, packaging and assembly integration test, chip wafer reliability test, electrical characteristics confirmation test, screening monitoring test, packaging depression integration testing, etc. Practice certification test.


In addition to high reliability and stability of NRT81750 chip products, there are many other advantageous characteristics, which will provide more efficient solutions for auto manufacturers.


l High -integrated high -performance radio frequency front end, excellent performance, easy development, saving space

Internal integrated T/R switches and radio frequency front -end circuits to reduce peripheral devices; design can be directly connected to the antenna; while using wide temperature and high reliability packaging, the overall optimization size is optimized, saving space, and also reduced manufacturers to manufacturers Difficulty and cost development.

l High -precision, safety positioning ranging

Support channel 5 ~ channel 12, 8 UWB Band (6 GHz TO 8.5 GHz).With the world's leading performance support, 1.3GHz bandwidth is in line with the new national standard 11.Integrated UWB PHY/MAC protocol and ranging/positioning algorithm, supports two -way TWR ranging and TDOA positioning. The 1T3R architecture can support a single -chip PDOA measurement angle.Large bandwidth and high sampling rate 4GSPS design can achieve 1cm ranging accuracy and 1 degree angle measurement accuracy.At the same time, it has excellent anti -multi -diameter decline and anti -interference ability, and the ranging range is guaranteed.Coupled with AES128/192/256 -bit hardware key encryption and more security functions, 81750 can perfectly meet all the needs of the car digital key: stable large -scale ranging sensing, accurate implementation of different distances, and high security.

L radar function and high -speed data transmission function

Support the radar function of the enhanced mode, which can realize functional applications such as radar, internal biological detection, automatic/auxiliary parking, and blind zone detection.The chip supports the radar mode and the digital key mode at the same time, providing a more flexible deployment solution and a lower overall solution cost for the vehicle UWB system solution.

Support 0.11/0.85/6.8/7.8/27.2/31.2 Mbps and other number of pass rates. The maximum transmission rate can reach 62.4Mbps and the highest packet length is as high as 4095 bytes.Support high -speed and low -latency continuous passing modes, which can realize the transmission of intra -end sound videos and enhance the entertainment experience in the car.

l General Agreement is fully compatible, multi -technical collaboration

Support the CCC/FIRA Alliance specification, fully support IEEE 802.15.4z, compatible with IEEE 802.15.4-2020, and partially compatible with the latest IEEE 802.15.4AB protocol, which meets the latest UWB new standard of the National Commission, also meets FCC/ ETSI/China/JPN and other international UWB radio standards are compatible with full protocols and can support cars to interconnect and interoperate with other UWB devices that meet various protocol standards.At the same time, reserved ports can work together with multi -technical functions such as BLE and NFC.Equipment and technology are connected and collaborated to truly realize ecology.

l Super low power design

The design of low-power consumption timers, Always-on memory, etc. can also support the power supply of buttons battery power. The 700 series will be implemented to the end.It can better save electricity for car keys and improve the battery use cycle.

At present, Nu Rukin Technology's automotive partners have begun to use NRT81750 to develop automotive UWB digital keys, kick radar, and internal vehicle biological detection and other functions. In the near future, new models will be used to use domestic UWB chips to consumers. This will It is also a qualitative leap in the market in the market.

汽车领域对于UWB的技术需求也越来越旺盛,对于UWB新的应用场景的开发也没有停止脚步,相信除了数字车钥匙、雷达应用,未来UWB也会在车辆室内导航及定位、智能交通、自动Parking, autonomous driving, smart cockpit entertainment system and other fields have exerted potential.