[Core information] MCU, mobile phone SOC recovered, part of the price increased

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  • Release on:2023-10-24

1. Pass some of the MCUs to start price increases, and inject a small amount of urgent order

According to the Science and Technology Board Daily, the Taiwan Economic Daily, China Economic Daily,semiconductorIn stock adjustments, in the MCU market, which has the earliest pressure on price decline, manufacturers who have taken the lead in bargaining have recently stopped the bargaining strategy of killing the inventory, and some items have even begun to increase their prices.

There is an unknown MCU factory revealed that there is a small amount of emergency coming in, which is conducive to faster and faster inventory. "The dawn should not be far away."Customer orders are gradually returning. They will first pull goods from channel merchants and digest the inventory of downstream.

2. Passcell phoneSOCSealReflection inventory

According to the Science and Technology Board Daily quoted Taiwan's Electronic Times, ChinasemiconductorSealThe link starts from October,cell phoneThe SOC factory began to have obvious inventory replenishment, such asMediaTekThe old model ischipPrepare.

SealManufacturer admits, 2023cell phoneThe market is indeed not good. The IC design large customer Q1 is estimated to be accurate. As a result, almost all after Q2 will freeze production. Even if the inventory water level of mobile phone system plants declines, it is unwilling to increase the goods. By October, the situation has been slightly alleviated. SOC pulls goods.

Test manufacturers said that this also affects the production strategy of IC design manufacturers. For example, there is almost no new shooting action against the wafer factory in the first half of the year, and new products will be cast after Q4.cell phoneThe rate of motion in the chip field is expected to increase slightly.

3. Canon releases nano -pressure printingsemiconductorSystem, it is expected to reach 2nm

Canon recently announced the launch of FPA-1200NZ2C nano-printedsemiconductorManufacturing equipment, the device executes circuit pattern transfer, this is the most important semiconductor manufacturing process.

Canon said that the traditional optical equipment is transferred to the circuit pattern by projected the circuit pattern on the chip with a corrosion agent, and the new product is the resistance of the anti -molded model printed with the circuit pattern on the chip by the sorcer. Realization of the agent.Since its circuit pattern transfer process does not go through optical institutions, the fine circuit patterns on the mold can be faithfully reproduced on the chip.Therefore, a complex two -dimensional or three -dimensional circuit pattern can be formed in a single mark, which can reduce costs.

Canon nano -pressure printing technology realizes the pattern of the minimum line width to 14 nm, which is equivalent to the current most advanced logic in productionsemiconductorThe required 5 nm node.With the further improvement of mold covering technology, this technology is expected to achieve a 10nm of the minimum width of the circuit pattern, which corresponds to a node of 2nm.

4. Various applications of Dram have recovered, and Winbond reduces production reduction to reduce production.

According to the Taiwan Industrial and Commercial Times of China, the international manufacturers have been reduced by successive production. The memory industry is expected to balance supply and demand in the fourth quarter, and the market conditions have gradually improved. The DRAM industry has benefited inventory to remove the bargaining ability. It will drive a new wave of prices, and the growth of South Asia and Winbond's growth.

Winbond's September revenue was 6.766 billion yuan, an increase of 5.32%monthly, and the annual decrease was converged to 7.96%.Apart fromcell phoneIn addition to traditional servers, other applications have shown signs of warming. As a result, the company's production reduction has been reduced to 20 % to rise in response to demand. Flash supply is stable. The edge AI memory appears in the second half of 2024, adding growth force.

5.IntelThe first EUV node Intel 4 enters mass production

According to fast technology,IntelIt is announced that it has begun to use the EUV photoresal technology to mass -produced Intel 4 manufacturing process.This is the first process node of Intel's use of EUV photocopies. Compared with the previous generation, it has achieved significant improvement in the performance, energy efficiency, and transistor density.

The Intel 4 process first was used to the Core Ultra processor code -named Meteor Lake, which will be officially released on December 14 to facing the mainstream notebook.

6. Analysts: iPhone motherboard will deploy RCC materials as soon as 2025

According to the news of IT, blogger@cell phoneThe chip master broke the news in September,appleThe company will use resin to coat copper foil (RCC) as new ones next yearPCBMaterials to create a thinner PCB.

Guo Mingzheng's latest research briefing, believes that due to "fragile characteristics" and "unable to pass a drop test",appleThe technology will not be deployed in 2024, but he also said that if Apple and its supplier's flavor can be improved by RCC materials before the third quarter of 2024, it may be deployed on the iPhone 17 Pro models.

7.QualcommIt is planned to cut 1258 positions in California

According to TechWeb quoted foreign media reports, in the face of the reduction of core product demand,QualcommThe announcement of large -scale layoffs will lay off about 2.5%in California, a total of 1,258 positions, with a view to intelligencecell phoneCost reduction in the industry with continuous downturn.The layoffs will begin in mid -December.

Among the 1258 positions that were abolished, more than 750 came fromQualcommThe team of engineering, including all levels from directors to technicians, will involve many positions such as internal technical personnel and accounting.