Visha has launched an upgraded version of infrared receiver to reduce power supply and improve the reliability of anti -ESD and sunlight.

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  • Release on:2023-03-10

A few days ago, Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (NYSE stock market code: VSH) announced that the new generation of CylLene 2 IC upgrades infrared remote control applications TSOP2XXX, TSOP4XXX, TSOP57XXX, TSOP6XXX, and TSOP77xxx series infrared (IR) receiving module.The configuration of the new IC is to ensure the long -term supply of the product and shorten the delivery period, which helps the designer significantly reduce the power supply current within the range of a wider power supply, while improving the reliability of anti -ESD and direct sunlight.

The enhanced Visha Semiconductors receiver released a few days ago can be used in the infrared remote control of television, set -top box (STB), audio and game consoles, air conditioners, as well as industrial automation control, lighting system and other applications.For the remote control function of these products, the device enhances various anti-interference capabilities, such as infrared radiation of fluorescent lamps and radio frequency radiation of Wi-Fi antenna on the circuit board.


The enhanced device is available for designers to replace the original receiver module in an instant and player. The power supply voltage is 2.0 V to 5.5 V, and the typical power supply current is reduced by 50%to only 0.35 ma, thereby extending mobile consumer electronics (such as such asBattery life of robot vacuum cleaner).The device improves reliability, and its anti -ESD capacity reaches 12 kV (human model). At the same time, it can resist the interference of direct sunlight and improve the performance of outdoor applications, such as the gallery door light barrier system.

In order to simplify the design, the receiver integrates the light probe, front amplifier circuit and infrared filter.EssenceThe load frequency of the device is 30kHz to 56kHz. Different automatic gain control (AGC) versions can be used for long or short -built codes.The receiver meets ROHS and Visha green standards, without halogen, and has excellent ripple noise anti -interference ability.

The upgraded version of the infrared receiver module can now provide samples and mass production, and the supply cycle is 8 weeks.

Vishay Introduction

Visha is one of the world's largest separate semiconductor and passive electronic component products manufacturers. These products are critical to innovative design in automotive, industry, computing, consumption, communications, national defense, aerospace and medical markets.Serving global customers, vishay carries technology genes -the dNA of Tech.?.Vishay IntertechNology, Inc. is the "Fortune 1,000 Enterprise" listed on the New York Stock Exchange (VSH).For more information on Vishay, please visit the website

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