The standard system of the car chip is about to be released, involving MCU, communication, storage and lidar

Introduction: Since the beginning of this year, the standard work of automotive chips has launched a total of three batch of standard projects, and the standard system will be released soon. Among them, the third batch includes standard items for car MCU chips, in -car communication chips, storage chips, and lidar chips. Driven by the wave of new energy, domestic automobile chips are booming, and industry standards formulation and certification are gradually being improved.

Just the latest news, Xu Yaozong, director of the China Automobile Center China Automobile Strategy and Policy Research (Beijing) Center, said at the 2022 China Automobile Chip Summit Forum today that since this year, the standard project of automotive chip standards has launched a total of three batch of standard projects. Essence Among them, the third batch includes standard items for car MCU chips, in -car communication chips, storage chips, and lidar chips.

Coincidentally, a few days ago, at the 2022 automotive chip technology innovation and application forum, Zou Guangcai, deputy secretary -general of the China Automobile Chip Industry Innovation Strategy Alliance, said that the current domestic car chip is still in the early days of "Spring and Autumn", and the number of companies has increased rapidly, but most cars are mostly cars Chip products have only obtained preliminary auto -level certification. It is recommended that the company's layout exert its own product characteristics and technical advantages to avoid disorderly competition in low -end products. At the same time, the national bank of the automobile chip is expected to be implemented, developed and applied during the 14th Five -Year Plan period.


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Generally speaking, car -level chips must have high requirements for safety, reliability, and stability, high barriers from design to streamlined technology, and traditional chips, automotive electronics and vehicles have formed a relatively stable cooperation pattern, short -term replacement in the short -term replacement The difficulty is relatively large. New energy vehicles provide new track for domestic car chips. From the perspective of the number of chips of the vehicle alone, traditional models need 850 to 1050, and new energy models need 920 to 1180.

In terms of classification, in typical new energy vehicles, the amount of power, control, power supply, communication, driver, and simulation chips is large. On the other hand, with the development of the domain controller, the low -end MCU will be integrated into the SOC. In addition, some of the chips with a single function may also be integrated into SOC or SBC chips.

According to the statistics of the alliance, there are currently about 110 to 130 companies in China to develop and produce automotive chips. Public publicity shows that 50%of enterprises have realized mass production applications, and more than 70%of enterprises have more than 10 types of supply. In addition, more than 50 chip listed companies have claimed to have car -level products or mass production applications.

In terms of the progress of various types of car chips, the gap between the power semiconductor and the international gap is relatively small. In the next 3 to 5 years, it is expected to achieve large -scale replacement. Compared with, there are many types of drivers and simulation chips, but there are fewer domestic products in the market. It cannot meet the needs of the market. Large -scale replacement in this field is more difficult. In the field of power chips, SBC chips have been developed on a large scale abroad, which is still very lacking compared to domestic low -end vehicle regulation products series.

Overall, for a long time, the types and quantities of domestic automobile chips are small and lack the norms of their own formulation. With the large -scale domestic chip to get on the bus, it is urgent to guide the reference for industry standards.

In June 2021, the Standard Working Group of the China Automobile Chip Industry Innovation Strategy Alliance released the "Research on the Construction of the Automobile Chip Standard System", and in July 2022, the "Research on the Construction of the Automobile Chip Standard System" was completed. According to the requirements of the GX ministry, the working group studied the "Guide to the National Automobile Chip Standard System Construction Guide (Draft)". It has been submitted to the GX ministry. It is expected that the solicitation draft of the guide will be selected to openly solicit opinions to the industry. Automotive chip countries will be selected. The standards are expected to be implemented, developed and applied in the fourteenth and fifth -year period.

At the same time, the alliance has established a complete set of car chip laboratory in Beijing to detect the application performance of the chip, single chips and controller hierarchies, adaptability and other indicators to develop four -level testing and certification, improve the auto -level chip certification Framework and implementation rules. In August this year, Ziguangxinneng THA6 controlled chips obtained the first domestic car -level chip product certification certificate.

In addition, for domestic automobile semiconductor supply and demand, last year, the league widely solicited and docking upstream and downstream manufacturers, and released the domestic automotive semiconductor supply and demand docking manual, which included more than 1,000 product demand;Risk of car chip on the car.At present, automotive chip insurance has been adopted by the "Guidelines for the Implementation of the Development of High -precision Industrial Development" released by Beijing, which is expected to be promoted nationwide.