Tesla's large -scale cancellation of solar projects, reducing the scale of solar sector

  • Source:Network finishing
  • Release on:2022-11-14

On November 11th, according to industry media Electrek, Tesla has canceled solar energy projects across the United States on a large scale, saying that it is closing its solar business in some markets.

Since getting the solar business by taking over SolarCity in 2016, Tesla's solar business has been slowing down for many years. In the past few quarters, Tesla's solar sector has finally performed some good performance. In the second quarter of 2022, Tesla realized a record -recorded US residential solar deployment. In the last quarter, Tesla also had a strong performance, deployed 94 MW solar energy, an increase of 13%year -on -year.

However, in the past three days, many Tesla solar customers in recent days have claimed that they will notify the company's email notification that they will not provide services in their area and cancel orders. The current affected customers include Greater Los Angeles, Northern California, Oregon and Florida.

In addition, Tesla has fired some employees in its solar scheduling, planning and design departments.

It is learned that in emails for customers, Tesla introduced them the "Tesla certified installation personnel" in the area. It seems that Tesla may not make solar installations by itself, but plans to supply providers to third parties, which will be a major change in strategic.

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