Standard!Longsys RDIMM enterprise -level memory strips usher in major breakthroughs

Recently, Jiang Bolong officially released the LongSys Aquila series 32GB 2R × 4 specification DDR4 RDIMM enterprise -level dedicated memory bar, with a rate of 3200mt/s.This is the first time that the company has launched independent brands × 4 specifications since its establishment in the past 24 years, marking another step of the company's DIMM storage business, which has a landmark significance.

The LongSys Aquila RDIMM is based on the design foundation of Jedec Raw Card. It is independently developed by the Jiang Bolong DIMM technology team. All specifications have been carefully optimized and simulated.

In terms of hardware, excellent high -frequency performance materials and high temperature resistance, high reliability components, have a variety of capacity combinations of 32GB and 16GB, and support the RCD driver, ECC error correction (72bit bits) and other enterprise data storage characteristics.Low loss efficiency and data error rate.Provide a strong guarantee for enterprise -level dense application scenarios such as cloud computing, distributed storage, edge computing, and other enterprise -level application scenarios.


(Longsys aquila rdimm)

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United China Storage Industry Chain creates value for customers

Jiang Bolong has a complete, mature and full -chain storage product delivery system.LongSys Aquila RDIMM is equipped with server -level DDR4 memory particles, and is designed with a circuit board with Jiang Bolong's independent intellectual property rights, which can effectively improve signal quality and reduce power noise. It is produced by domestic first -line PCB manufacturers.

In addition, the product RCD chip and SPD chip are also adopted from domestic head manufacturers. It can not only adapt to the X86 CPU platforms such as Intel and AMD, but also compatible with mainstream localized platforms and operating systems.


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Autonomous test algorithm and production line quality surpass customer expectations

LongSys Aquila RDIMM adopts the server -level system test solution, which is produced by Jiang Bolong's independent production line.The system -level test runs strictly in the high -temperature environment. The Jiang Bolong's R & D test team can achieve comprehensive test coverage through the optimization of algorithm performance and the accumulation of test cases.In addition, product production has achieved the control of the full process MES system, and the production records of each site can be fully traced to ensure that the quality of the product meets the needs of enterprise users.

Jiangbolong Zhongshan Storage Industrial Park (Phase I) also has supporting facilities such as the storage chip technology engineering laboratory, test center, reliability laboratory, and quality laboratory.Multiple processes and projects, with Jiang Bolong's self -developed testing equipment and testing software, have created a comprehensive storage production test process and a comprehensive quality management system to ensure that each product production link is independent, controllable and high -quality delivery.


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The second phase of the park was officially capped on January 17, 2023. Among them, the planned data center storage line will build a number of advanced automated SMT production lines and supporting automated testing and packaging production lines, including vacuum return welding, online3D X-Ray testing high-performance and high-reliability equipment, based on supporting facilities in the first phase of the park, further upgrade test projects and standards, it is expected to expand the number of times of LongSys Aquila RDIMM.



(Data center storage line will be completed in Zhongshan Storage Industrial Park)

Jiang Bolong actively deployed the enterprise -level data storage market

Since 2021, LongSys has launched two two DDR4 RDIMM products of 16GB and 32GB, which has now realized batch shipments.At the same time, the LongSys Aquila series DDR4 64GB and DDR5 32GB/64GB/128GB and other specifications of RDIMM are also actively developing, and it is expected to be launched in the second half of 2023.At that time, the LONGSYS enterprise storage will further enrich the product matrix and better meet the large -capacity, low latency, and high -speed memory requirements in various application scenarios.